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hormones in food. chicken, cheese, FAST FOOD...etc... all of these foods contain hormones that accelerate the bodys growth plan and that could result in bigger breasts, facial hair..etc the girl should try to eat organic foods and limit her fast food and prosessed food intake.

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Would a 32B bra fit a 32AA girl?

Absolutely not if you were still a 32AA but if you had grown to the point that you needed a B then yes but you should get fitted.

Are 32AA breasts too small for a 16yr old girl?

of course not ! different girls grow different sizes breasts and a 32AA is just perfect ! :)

How can a boy turn into a girl without surgy or pills?

It is not possible for a boy to turn into a girl without having surgery or using any type of pills. You need to talk to your physician about this.

Is it normal for a girl that's 14 to only be 32aa bra size?


Do eating any contraceptive pills without pregnancy harms a girl?

The purpose of birth control pills are to make it so a woman can't get pregnant. If she DOES take them while she's pregnant, it can be harmful if used for a sustained period. Birth control pills are safe for women to take to prevent pregnancy.

U r a 13 year old girl without the slightest growth of breastswhat do you do?

you can buy a push-up bra or you can ask ur doctor for pills that cause them to grow. i no a girl who was a 34b then a 34dd

How do you make a guy?

If u are a woman and have sex with a man without condoms or using pills u can get pregnant and possibly create A guy (or a girl) after 9 +- months.

Why won't an adolescent who is a genuinely good girl not take her pills?

Because she does not have to, she most likely does not want to become a slave to pills.

What causes a girl not to get pregnant?

condoms and birth pills, get them at a pharmacy

Can a 15 year old girl take diet pills?


How do you find out if a girl is taking birth control pills?

u ask her

Your boyfriend just told you that he has tried to flirt with your bet friend and you found out that he recently tried to go steady with another girl behind your back how do i move on without the pain?

OD on sleeping pills

What vitamin pills should a teenage girl take daily?

D, c, a

Should a 11 year old girl take weight loss pills?


What happened to the friend on girl in progress movie?

She OD(ed) on dietary pills

Who is the girl in video without you by hinder?

who is the girl in the hinder video for without you .is it the girl from Friday night lights ?

What cup size should a sixteen year old girl have?

There exist no right answers. It depends on your body, your size and weight. Normal breast size is 34B. But every women is different. It varies between 32AA up to 36DD.

Health book about girl takes pills and changes colors?

they're not pills, they're jelly beans. i think it' s called "a bad case of the stripes".

Is it unhealthy for a 13 year old girl to take birth control pills?

No some girls have to take birth control pills for their period to help with the pain.

What age can girl take diet pills?

No age stupid!! Just exercise fatty!!

Are there any pills that someone can take to sound like a girl?

Hahahaha O.O .. No, there aren't any pills you can take to sound like a girl. However, breathing in helium from a balloon can warp your voice to sound really high-pitched and squeaky.

What is the duration of Girl Without a Room?

The duration of Girl Without a Room is 1.3 hours.

What is the seine ton on society without girl child?

society without girl child

Pakistani girl name without vowel word?

Pakistani girl name without vowel?

How many sleeping pills does it take to knock out 120 pound girl for the night?

It takes about 7 pills... and be sure to have sex with her while shes out.. cause it will only be one night.