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How can a 15-year-old Indian citizen residing in the United Kingdom legally immigrate to the US?

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Minors from any country are not allowed to immigrate by themselves. They must do so with their parents or legal guardian or be sponsored under the orphan, refugee or asylee laws. US Immigration Support, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

2006-08-17 17:57:11
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Q: How can a 15-year-old Indian citizen residing in the United Kingdom legally immigrate to the US?
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Is Ringo Starr a US citizen?

He is a British citizen residing in Monaco.

How can a Mexican citizen immigrate to Manitoba can?

I don't know either

Does illegal alien from Honduras residing in US for 7 years become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?


How can a US citizen immigrate to Canada?

You have to sign a whole bunch of legal papers.

If you are a citizen do you have an alien registration number?

If you are a citizen of a country you do not need to have an alien registration number. You only need it if you are residing in a new country.

What might motivate a us citizen to immigrate to Mexico?

A plentiful supply of inexpensive tequila.

What happens to you if you marry an illegal immigrate?

If you marry an illegal immigrate, he or she will automatically become a citizen of the nation you reside in. This, of course, depends on if you are a birth or naturalized citizen of your respective country. If you are only a resident alien, both of you will have to apply for citizenship status in the country.

I am citizen of Pakistan.Can i get immigration for Sweden?

Citizens of Pakistan can immigrate to the country of Sweden. Sweden offers a certain number of Pakistani citizens the option to immigrate each year.

Can a us and a Danish citizen residing in the US be divorced in Denmark?

If they are married in Denmark...than yes

If you are a US citizen do you carry a green card?

No. A green card is issued to foreign nationals residing in the US.

Can you get Italian passport in London?

If you are an Italian citizen (Cittadinanza Italiana) residing in the UK, you can apply at the Italian embassy in London.

After the study in abroad can you get citizenship in that country?

Immigration Laws vary.Studying in a particular Country could add points if you wish to Immigrate. Using that point system you can immigrate , become a Permanent Resident of that country and then eventually a Citizen.

What are the tax implication if a US citizen residing in Canada dies and leaves a cash inheritance to a relative in Maryland?

A US citizen living (or dying) anywhere in the world owes the same US taxes as any other US citizen.

What are the different ways in which a person can become a US citizen?

You can be born in the United States and become an automatic citizen. Or you can immigrate to the United States and apply for citizenship after living in the US for seven years.

How do you immigrate to Norway?

If you're an EU citizen -just move and notify the police and tax office in order to get the proper social security number.

What type of citizen was Mother Teresa?

she was a citizen of the world, now deceased she was named a saint... and resides in the kingdom of God

Can you get a singaporean passport if you're born there and lived there for 8 years but are currently residing abroad- I have turned 18 since then?

It depends on which country you are a citizen of.

What do you need to do to become a citizen of England?

Ther is no such thing as a "A Citizen of England", however you can apply to become a Citizen of the United Kingdom by asking at any British embasy or consulate.

Can a Canadian bring home a Mexican and how?

== == If you are asking about a Mexican citizen trying to Immigrate to Canada, and being sponsored by a Canadian citizen, the answer is NO. All Immigrants to Canada have to apply from their HOME COUNTRY, and the process will take from 2 to 3 years to complete.

Is a child born in the United Kingdom of illegal aliens a citizen of the UK?


How can you become a citizen of Scotland?

I refer you to the answer to the 'president of scotland' question. In summary Scotland is not a country, merely a region of the United Kingdom, so if you live in Scotland you are a United Kingdom (British) subject (not strictly a citizen).

If an immigrant wanted to apply for a US visitor visa can he apply for that visa in the country he is currently residing or does it have to be in the country he was born at?

he has to apply in the country of which he is a citizen: eg: a German citizen living in Denmark must apply at the German consolate to obtain a Visa

Can one lose their 'natural-born citizenship'?

No, once you have been born into a country you remain a citizen of that country even if you immigrate. Certain rights of a US citizen can be suspended or revoked if that person has been convicted of a criminal felony.

What are the immigration optionsrules available for British people to immigrate to US permanently?

one must go through he naturalization process to be come a permanent citizen, of course there are loop[ holes such as marriage to a citizen, or you can temporarily apply for a work or school visa

Can a non immigrate citizen with student visa give birth in the US?

.i am not citizen of Singapore.can i get visa of America in Singapore?now i am studing in university in here,can u give me some information about getting the visa and what kind of document need for interview?