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How can a 16-year-old boy convince his parents to allow him to have his ears pierced?



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If your parents arent ready for you to do this. Respect their wishes and wait until you can make this decision without there permission. Like when you no longer live under there roof. I know this may seem outdated but show your parents that you do respect them by abiding to their request. They have apparently raised a child that has a conscience if your asking before doing and that means they did a good job now its your turn to thank them by listening. If this really means alot to you the only way to get them to change their mind is by overcoming their objections. I dont know what they are but you do so start from there and if it becomes too much of an issue, because this is not something to have family discord about, let it ride. Why would you want to get pierced? Do you feel that having piercings is the only way to be accepted? Piercings don't make you cool. They just show that you are weak and give in to peer pressure. Why would you want 'friends' that only accept you if you have piercings? Your parents are much more experienced in life. Ask them the pros and cons. Don't rely on your friend's opinions. They don't have any real life experience. Trust you parents. They aren't trying to ruin your life. They aren't trying to keep you from having fun. They love you and want the best for you. Trust their advice, and their experience. Your parents guidance can be trusted more than the advice of some teenagers. Teenagers know much less than they think they do. They just don't know that they don't know. Good luck. DaytonaHead.