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If your parents arent ready for you to do this. Respect their wishes and wait until you can make this decision without there permission. Like when you no longer live under there roof. I know this may seem outdated but show your parents that you do respect them by abiding to their request. They have apparently raised a child that has a conscience if your asking before doing and that means they did a good job now its your turn to thank them by listening. If this really means alot to you the only way to get them to change their mind is by overcoming their objections. I dont know what they are but you do so start from there and if it becomes too much of an issue, because this is not something to have family discord about, let it ride. Why would you want to get pierced? Do you feel that having piercings is the only way to be accepted? Piercings don't make you cool. They just show that you are weak and give in to peer pressure. Why would you want 'friends' that only accept you if you have piercings? Your parents are much more experienced in life. Ask them the pros and cons. Don't rely on your friend's opinions. They don't have any real life experience. Trust you parents. They aren't trying to ruin your life. They aren't trying to keep you from having fun. They love you and want the best for you. Trust their advice, and their experience. Your parents guidance can be trusted more than the advice of some teenagers. Teenagers know much less than they think they do. They just don't know that they don't know. Good luck. DaytonaHead.

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How do you convince your parents to allow you to have a birthday party without them present?

you tell them to leave

Can you get your nose pierced at 13 with your parents present in Montana?

At most placed they should allow it with your parent.

How can I convince my parents to allow me to have an Xbox?

Say all your friends who have one and say there are lots of 3+s

How can you convince your parents to allow you to buy a pocket bike?

Get a job and say it's your transportation to and from work and Get a motorcycle license

How can you convince your parents to allow you to cosplay as Princess Krahe?

Tell them you are doing it not to be intimate but that you are doing it because you love the character

How do you convince my parent to let me get a piercing?

It is going to be difficult to convince them. Piercings can cause permanent scars and holes in your body. There are places that will not allow a child to get a piercing, even if the parents agree.

What if your parents wont give consent of your emancipation?

You have to convince the court that you can take care of yourself without your parents. Chances are pretty high that unless there is abuse or other factors that they aren't going to allow you to leave. You have to convince the court that you can take care of yourself without your parents. Chances are pretty high that unless there is abuse or other factors that they aren't going to allow you to leave.

Do your parents allow you or Does your parents allow you?

Parents is plural, then"Do your parents allow you?" or "Your parentsallow you"If used in the singular form:"Does your parent allow you?" or "Your parent allowsyou"

Im 13 n i want a lip piercing reely bad my parents say tht ther aganst facial piercing they no i can take care of it and i have the money to pay for it how can i convince them to let me get 1?

I am a parent of a 13 year old. I would allow her to get her nose pierced at her age but not her lip. But I don't think all 13 year olds should be allowed. She is responsible and I trust that she would properly care for it. She also is an honor student with great grades. If she was failing or an irresponsible child I wouldn't allow her to. I have my nose pierced so that may be why I'm more lenient with it. My advice would be to show your parents you can be responsible in other areas of your life, and maybe then you can convince them you are mature enough to get a facial piercing.

How can you convince your parents to allow you to buy an electric scooter?

Be responsible save up tell them why you want it maybe need it and like it enjoy hope it works

When can you pierce your ears?

Whenever your parents allow it and whenever you are old enough to clean them yourself, change them yourself, deal with infections, and deal with the pain of getting your ears pierced.

How do you convince your parents to take the whole family on a vacation to California?

You ask them. If they say "No, we can't afford it", drop it. They know much better than you what their budget will or will not allow.

How do you convince your friends parents to allow her to come over for a sleepover?

I really don't think you should let them. They are her parents let them do their job. Maybe you should start with a playdate. Let them grow to it. To them that's their little girl.

How do you convince my parents to get me a car?

I would start by being responsible and being able to pay car insurance. If you cannot be trustworthy and responsible then I would not allow you that kind of freedom either. Car insurance is a very large expense as well.

How many parents allow phones?

over a million parents allow phones

How can you convince your parents to allow me to download Feral Hearts?

Go to this youtube vid. Its a pretty good video for that kind of stuff.

are there ways to convince my parents to allow me to date interracially?

This is an issue that only you will be able to solve. This is a family issue and the only answer I can give you is to maybe do some research on how interracial dating is more accepted by people.

Can you be 11 and get your belly button pierced?

no your to young but in America u can if your parent allow u to

How do you convince parents to allow you to baby sit?

You would most likely want to show resposiblity before hand depending on the time you have avaliable and if that still doesn't convince them make sure to show them that if anything goes wrong you'll be able to contact help/them right away. Keep a list of emergency numbers to show off and things. In my experience, my parents usually say yes out of convince and that im capable of survivng a few hours with burning our home down. Hope that helps :)

How do you put allow in a sentence?

My parents do not ALLOW her to go to my house.

How do i convince my family to allow me to go on a vacation with my bf's family?

Tell them about the learning experience that it will be.

Can parents allow under age dating?

If the parents are okay with it, there is no problem. There are no laws about dating. There are laws about sexual contact. Parents cannot allow children to violate the law.

How do you convince your parents?

How do you convince them to what?If what you want is something that a reasonable person would allow, then you might try pointing that out, along with reasons your parents should let you ... whatever it is you want.However, ultimately, the decision is theirs. Once you're 18 you no longer have to care what their opinion is (assuming you're not living with them), but until then it doesn't matter how much you want something, if your parents say no you don't get it (with some exceptions ... if your parents are actually abusive the government may intervene, so if what you want is "enough food not to starve to death" or "not to have to live in the closet" then there may be some help for you).

What is the plural form of the word allow?

The word allow is the verb form used with a plural subject: We allow... You allow... They allow... Parents allow... Owners allow... Employers allow...

How do I convince my parents to buy me a dog?

Your parents most likely are looking for responsibility. Caring for a dog takes a lot of effort and is basically an added member to your family. Even if your parents don't allow you to get a dog right now, you can wait for when you grow up and get your own living place to get a dog. After all, you're living in your parents' house (most likely) so you'll be following their rules!

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