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No, until you are 18, you are subject to the decisions of your parents.

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Why are daughters jealous of their mothers?

Don't recognize this as a daughter or a mother but it could be because their mothers can decide over their own lives and not just their daughters.

Do baby spiders die without their mother?

No baby spiders live there lives with no mothers there mother actually die at child birth.

Where does Venus Williams live?

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What is mothers custody rights when unmarried in Texas and father lives in Florida?

Sole even if he was still shacking up with you

What does RI law say about minor children living in the home of the Mothers boyfriend with her?

You'd have to contact a Rhode Island Family Law Attorney about that. I'd say if the mother has custody and lives with the children, it's fine -- but I'm not a lawyer.

Do you have to pay child support if your 17 year old lives with her boyfriend house and no longer lives with her mother but she is still in school?

Yes, you and her mother still have to support her until she is emancipated.

Can a mother be considered unfit if she and her kids move in with her boyfriend?

This is not considered an unfit mother. Where a mother lives is not anything that makes a mother fit or unfit. A mother who is a drug addict or an alcoholic that is drunk all the time is an unfit mother.

Did Columbus have a mother?

What do you think, that Columbus had been assembled in a laboratory by Dr. Frankenstein? People have mothers. Even orphans had mothers at some point in their lives, before losing them. That is an unavoidable aspect of human reproduction.

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If your father lived in Indiana and your mother lives in Florida at the age of 17 can you move out of your mothers house and into my fathers against your mothers will and for your own?

Definitely,decisively,with a strong emphasis on the part 'without your mothers'.Mine fathers don't live, it is a reason and causae of mine version.

Can a father stop paying child support if the 16 year old child has a baby and lives with the boyfriend at the mothers house?

Only if it is ordered by the court. You can not decide on your own!

How does a foal find food and where does it live?

If your talking about a newborn foal, then it drinks its mothers milk for the first weeks or months. It lives with its mother during this time.

Leona Lewis lives in?

Leona Lewis lives in Hackney, London, England with her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend lives together. They are very close.

18 yr pregnant daughter lives with boyfriend in AL wants to move back to AZ with boyfriend to live with her mother Father has custody can mother force father to pay child support?

What I would suggest is to not FORCE him to pay, but at least TRY to TALK HIM INTO IT.

Where do barn owls lives?

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Where does Texas horned lizard lives?

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How do you get your mom a boyfriend?

What a thoughtful young person you are to try to help your mother find a boyfriend. Don't worry about your mother as she will find a boyfriend one day, but she is probably being picky about whom she dates because she wants to not only keep herself safe, but you as well because some men may not be all that nice. Be patient and your mother will eventually find someone to be in your lives where you will both be happy.

Can father claim child on taxes if the child has mothers last name and lives with the mother?

Probably not because it's sounding like she takes care of & supports the child, not you.

Why would your daughter boyfriend want to move in with her mother?

because he likes the mother more than the daughter, and only uses the daughter to get close to the mother (in this case, the plan to move in). If the daughter in question lives with her mother, then he may just want to be closer to the daughter.

Can a 16-year-old move out of the house where she currently lives and move in with her boyfriend in Texas?

No, until you are 18, you are subject to the decisions of your parents or guardians.

Is Selena Gomez coming to Texas?

she lives in texas

Who does neyo live with?

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What is the legal definition of live in boyfriend?

a boyfriend who lives with you...AnswerIf he receives mail or otherwise uses your address, this could be used proof that he lives with you.

If your child lives with her mother and the child's boyfriend is also living there in the same bedroom does the father still pay child support?

Yes, but you might consider filing charges against the mother for contributing, or for a change of custody.

How do you get a boyfriend who lives walking distance from you?

Find out where he lives, and move near by.