How can a father who pays child support and whose name is on the birth certificate change the child's last name to his if he and the child's mother were not married?

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Answer - In most states, if the parents of a child are not married, then the mother is the sole "legal" parent of the child. Paying child support gives you no legal rights. Child support is not about anything other than helping to support a child whom you fathered. In my state, it does not even quarantee that you will get visitation rights. So, if you wanted to change the child's name - you should have married the mother!! That is the mother's choice and ultimate decision.
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If a father has not seen his child in 13 years does he still have rights and does the mother need his permission to have the child's last name changed?

Only the court can terminate parental rights permanently. Anabsentee father is not bound by any time limits on when he may seekvisitation or even custodial rights concerning his child/children,the exception is a court ajudication of abandonment. The issuepertaining to changing a child's name, it can ( Full Answer )

How can the father of a child be ordered to pay child support if his name is not on the birth certificate and his last name is unknown?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf the couple are unmarried paternity must be established before a child support petition can be filed.\n. \nIf the father refuses to take a paternity test the court can order him to do so.\n. \nThe matter of not knowing his last name is indeed troubling and may be ( Full Answer )

How do you correct the name of the father on a child's birth certificate?

Answer . \nThe interested party would need to contact the state's vital records department for the correct procedure prescribed by the laws of the state where the birth was registered.\n. \nA minor issue such as a misspelling is relatively simple to amend.\n. \nIf the change is due to the wron ( Full Answer )

What can a mother do for a child's support if the father of her child is on SSI and does not have a job and does not have to pay child support?

Answer . If the father is on SSI the child is entitled to check too from SSI. If the paternity of the child has been established you are fine. You can contact SSI with the childs birth record, file a child support action and the child will receive his own check. If paternity has not been establis ( Full Answer )

How do you change your child's name from the fathers name?

You will have to fill out the name change petition within your state. Also, make sure you have the other biological parent's permission because they will need to agree to the change or present their case in court why they do not want the child's name to be changed.

If the father and Mother never married but the father does pay child support and his name is on the birth certificate and she is refusing visitation what are his rights?

He can, and should, file a petition with the Court to grant him visitation. Regardless of paying child support, he has the right to see his child unless he is deemed to be a danger to the child (sex offender, drug charges, violent crimes etc). If he is low income - usually double the poverty rate, s ( Full Answer )

How can you change child's last name?

You file the completed forms at the courthouse and attend a hearing. Some states require that you publish a notice in the local newspaper too.

Does changing a child's last name to new husbands name relinquish father of child support?

Actually, there is nothing in a name. You can change your child's name to your favorite actor's last name if you like. Relinquishing child support from the father would only take place if your new husband got permission from both you and the child's father to legally adopt your child. This would in ( Full Answer )

If the fathers name is on the birth certificate does he have to pay child support if he and the mother aggree not to?

If the mother doesn't seek a child support order no one will make the father pay. However, keep in mind that the mother can always change her mind and get back child support in the future. If the child and/or mother are receiving any state assistance the father will be required to pay child support. ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay child support if your name is not on the birth certificate and the child does not have your last name?

If you are proven to be the child's parent and the court orders you to pay child support, you have to pay it, whether or not your name is on the birth certificate or whether the child has your name. The answer is yes. The court can order you to submit to a paternity test. Once paternity has been ( Full Answer )

How can i change my child's last name when i get married?

Well if the person you are marrying is not the other biological parent then you would need them to sign rights and have the person you are marrying adopt the child... I just went through this... good luck to you

Do you need to pay child support if you have no rights to the child and the mother has changed the child's last name?

A Judge in a court of law will determine if a parent needs to pay child support or not and how much. The judge will take into account if you have rights to the child or not. The fact that the mother changed the child's last name is irrelevant to the payment of child support. Its still your child no ( Full Answer )

When is an alleged father responsible to pay child support if he is not married to the child's mother?

When a court orders him to do so. Paternity must be established before an order for support is entered. This is done by: genetic testing; presumption, where the parties were married when the child was born/conceived; acknowledgment of paternity either in writing or in open court; default, where t ( Full Answer )

The father is not listed on the birth certificate but is paying court ordered child support in the state of Florida. Can you change the child's last name without the father's permission?

No. The court will ask for the father's name on the petition so that he can be notified. If the father is paying child support he will be sent notice of the name change petition. Even if the child doesn't have his name he can object to the proposed change of name and the court will consider his ob ( Full Answer )

Can a father stop paying child support after he is married to the child's mother?

Yes, but he must visit the court that issued the order and bring a copy of the marriage certificate so the order can be terminated. Yes, but he must visit the court that issued the order and bring a copy of the marriage certificate so the order can be terminated. Yes, but he must visit the court t ( Full Answer )

Can a mother change a child's last name without the fathers permission?

If they are not married, yes. Clarification It depends on the circumstances. If the parents are divorced the father will be notified and will have the opportunity to object. For example, after a divorce the mother may wish to change her child's name. She must provide the father's name on the na ( Full Answer )

Can i put a man that is not biologically my child's father on her birth certificate if he voluntarilly signs paternitythere is no name father named on her birth cert bio father ordered to pay support?

Too many people involved. Leave the birth certificate as it is. Let the biological father continue to pay child support. If the current man marries you and wishes to adopt the child, then that is another matter. Seek legal advice before doing anything to change the birth certificate. No. This w ( Full Answer )

Can the mother change her child's last name if the fathers name is not on birth certificate and she wants her child to have another last name?

Please include your location when asking legal questions, as laws vary by state/country. Generally, she will be required to seek and obtain the father's permission for the name change, or provide a very compelling reason why she shouldn't need it. Not having a legally named father for the child will ( Full Answer )