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How can a person believe that animals should have rights while believing it is okay to abort unborn human babies?

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April 27, 2007 10:02AM

A simple answer to your question as you stated it is "A person

can believe anything they want." If a person chooses to... they can

believe the moon is made of Cheese and that stars are pretty

Christmas lights on the mantel of God. However, that doesn't make

it so. Maybe, the question you really want answered could be stated

another way, something like... Isn't it a moral contradiction to

believe in the rights of animals while ignoring the rights of

unborn human babies. Most everyone agrees that murder (unjustified

killing), is morally wrong. But, abortion is murder only if you

accept that a fetus is a "person", rather than a thing or

"non-person". When one defines a fetus as a thing, and an animal as

a living creature, then the fetus has a lower status. Kind of like

a chair and a little fuzzy-wuzzy kitty cat. Which one are you going

to choose to save in a fire? Which one deserves more moral

consideration? p.s. I am not saying I agree with either side of

this issue, I am simple trying to answer the question.

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