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If a 2/3rds majority of BOTH houses of Congress vote to override the veto, the bill becomes law.

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The country's people need to vote on it 100% against it. The president is there to protect everyone and you needs everyone's vote to override his veto.

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Q: How can a president veto be overridden?
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First president whose veto was overridden?

John Tyler was the first to have a veto overridden.

Veto Power of The President of the Philippines?

The veto power of the President of the Philippines is similar to the power of the United States President. The President can veto a bill, but the veto can be overridden.

First president whos veto was overridden?


Who was the first president to have veto overwritten by Congress?

John Tyler was the first president to have a veto overridden in January, 1845.

Can the president curb congressional power?

Yes, the president can veto bills. However, a presidential veto may be overridden.

How can a president's veto be overridden by Congress?

A president's veto can be overridden by Congress with a 2/3 majority in the House. If it is a pocket veto though, the veto cannot be overridden.

What is a veto and what can override it?

A Veto is a rejection by the President of a proposed law and it can be overridden by 2/3 vote of congress.

How often is a veto overridden by congress?

About 4% of the time. 110 different bills have passed that the president has given a veto.

How many times congress override a president veto?

As of 2014 Congress has overridden a Presidential veto 106 times.

How does the veto power differ between the president and vice president?

The president has 100% veto power and can shut down anything.The vice president has 3/4 veto power. A vice presidential veto can be overridden by a 75% vote of the house or senate.

What is the advantage of a pocket veto over a regular veto for a president?

For the president the advantage would be that pocket vetoes cannot be overridden by congress. The pocket vetoed bill simply disappears until it is started again in another session of congress. A normal veto can be overridden but only about 4% have been.

Can a bill vetoed by the President be recommitted?

Yes, a veto can be overridden with a 2/3 Congressional majority.

What is the veto power of Indian president?

In India, the president has several veto powers. The president can refuse to assent, which constitutes an absolute veto. The president can send the bill back to parliament for changes, which constitutes a limited veto that can be overridden by a simple majority. The president can also take no action indefinitely on a bill, sometimes referred to as a pocket veto

Who can the president's veto be overridden by?

Congress can override the veto of the President if it is able to get enough votes. This requires two thirds vote in each chamber of Congress.

How Congress can override the president veto of a bill with how many votes?

The veto of a bill of congress can be overridden with a vote of two thirds (2/3) Majority

Is it easy for congress to override a presidential veto?

It required a 2/3 affirmative vote to override a veto. It is usually not easy because a president would not use his veto if it will easily be overridden.

Can the president veto legislation from congress?

Yes, buit in most cases his veto can be overridden by a 2/3 vote of both houses. The veto is most effective at getting Congress to make changes that the President wants, when there are enough votes in Congress to sustain a veto.

How did President Andrew Johnson react to the Civil Rights Act of 1866?

He vetoed the act but his veto was later overridden.

Who was the last president to have a veto overridden and what was the bill?

George w. Bush was the most recent president to have his veto overridden. The date was November 8,2007. The bill appropriated $23 billion for new water projects. Bush said the bill was too expensive and would over-tax the Corps of Engineers.

Can the US president overturn a bipartisan bill i.e. if Republicans and Democrats say yes to a bill can the president veto or stop it from becoming a bill?

The president can veto any bill. However if there is enough support among both houses of Congress the veto can be overridden.

What can congress do if it want to pass a law over the president veto?

It votes again and if the measure passes both Houses with a 2/3 majority the veto is overridden and the bill becomes law despite the veto.

Is a bill a law?

A bill is a proposed law. It does not become a law until it is approved by the President or the President's veto is overridden by Congress.

How can a veto be overridden?

If 2/3 of the House of Representatives and 2/3 of the Senate agree to the bill, the President has no choice but to sign it into law.

What happens when the president vetoes a bill and that veto is not overridden by a two thirds vote in congress?

The bill "dies" Meaning it does not become LAW

How can the US President's veto of a bill be overridden?

If the President vetoes a bill and refuses to sign it into law, the Congress can override his veto with a 2/3 majority vote in each house of Congress.