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How can a teen make money?

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Due to Child Labor Laws, it is a bit more difficult for teens under the age of 16 to get a job.

Some ideas if you are under 16 include

1. You can babysit on the weekends and get about 20-30 dollars

2. Start your own lawn care business and mow your neighbors lawns

If you are 16 or older you can try:

1. Fast Food

2. Retail

3. Newspaper routes

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What are some simple ideas for a teen entrepreneur to earn spending money?

There are several opportunities for a teen to make money. A teen could mow lawns, babysit or walk dogs after school or during the summer to make money.

How much money does the average teen make?

0 dollars every all of their teen life

How much money does a teen model get?

That varies but most teen models can make $100+ per hour.

How can a teen make money in a garage sale?

by selling the items at the garage sale...

Can a teen make money by walking dogs in his or her neighborhood?

Well It Depends If The Owner Of The Dog Wants To Pay You.... But Normally Yeah You Make Money. XD

How much money can you make doing yard work?

it depend's on what you have to do and if your a teen about 10 to 20 dollars.

How can a 14 teen year old make money?

News paper rounds, dog walking ect

How do you make money fast if you are a teen without a car?

Take the bus, subway, or taxi. if none are available. walk.

How can a pregnant teen get money?


How can a teen get some money?


What jobs are there that involve PETS something you could do for a living not something for a teen to do during the summer?

dog groomers make good money

What can a 17 teen year old do to make money?

go out and look for a place that is hiring and ask too speak too the manager

How much money do you get paid at hannaford?

I work there now cuz I'm a teen and I make 7.50$ an hour it's pretty good for me

What are good teen jobs?

anything that u can get money from

How can a younger teenager make money for small luxuries?

There are many ways a young teen can make money. Some popular methods are getting a paper route, doing household chores for money, moving lawns, cleaning pools and baby sitting. These make small amount of money, but small money quickly adds up if the teen sticks at it.

How much does the cast of teen mom make per episode?

100k per episode except they did not have access to this money until after they turned 18

How much money did Not Another Teen Movie gross worldwide?

Not Another Teen Movie grossed $62,401,343 worldwide.

How much money did Teen Wolf Too gross worldwide?

Teen Wolf Too grossed $7,888,000 worldwide.

Are you a teen if you have your period?

Having your period does not make you an "actual teen" to be an actual teen your age must end in teen (thirteen) It just means that your body is growing and becoming like a more mature, teen body. Which able to do more things. But again this does not make you a teen. Believe me that comes quick enough!

Is Taco Bell a good summer job for a teen?

Yes! A job is a job and money is money!

How much money does the average teen make working any job.?

well im 16 and i work at my church cleaning and babysitting little kids and i only make 7 an hour

How much money did Not Another Teen Movie gross domestically?

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How much money did Teen Wolf Too gross domestically?

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Why is Mortal Kombat vs dc rated teen?


How much money do the mtv teen moms make per episode?

About $5,000 per episode totaling to around 60-65k per season!