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How can a teenager care for a baby and attend high school and work without the help of her parents if she has the help of her adult partner and where are some places they can stay in Maryland?

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2015-07-15 21:23:16

Depending on the grade and amount of credits some high schools

offer mentorship programs that allow a student to attend part of

the day and work the rest of the school day. Financial help from

state and local human services such as child care assistance, WIC,

food stamps, and Medicaid should be available. Going to school full

time and working is exhausting for a mother. My best advice is to

get a G.E.D. and work full time. Then a person can apply for grants

and/or financial aid to attend college which will be beneficial in

the future to support the family. I would assume that Maryland has

child care assistance programs that will pay for day care while the

mother is in school and/or work. There are usually apartments or

houses that can be rented based on income. Whatever the solution it

is possible and there are support groups available.

she can't and should have an abortion so she can start a real

life when she is older and made it through school and has a steady


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