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How can a vampire die or be killed?


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October 24, 2010 11:39AM

Stab in the heart and head cut of in the day,that's how Dracula died!

To prevent a person by turning into one hang garlic around there room.

Fire does kill them but they will kill you first.

The only way to make sure it is really died is a wooden stake through the heart.

I hope this is helpfull.

First off the terms 'die' or 'kill' is inapplicable to vampires as they are already dead. The proper term should be 'destroyed'.

A vampire can be destroyed by anything that totally reduces their structure. For most a simple hacking apart suffices however there have been thoroughly dismembered vampires that have reassembled themselves and carried on.

A stake through the heart does not kill a vampire. This is only to pin them down in their coffin so they can't get out. When the stake rots away the vampire is free again.

The best thing to do is burn them thoroughly.