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Short of murder (I don't highly recommend this LOL) there isn't much you can do because it's your husband's choice to see her, and it's his butt you should be kicking and not hers. He's a jerk and is non-caring about what he is putting you through and how you feel. Kick the slug right out that door! There are other men out there that would treat you far better and the way you should be treated. The harder we fight between the husband and the mistress the closer together it brings them.

I was married before to an abusive husband. I caught him cheating with two women at one time! Although they were not in the throws of sexual embrace and I caught them cozied up in a popular pub, nonetheless I caught them. I confronted him right there and then and when he said, "What the hell are you doing here, get home and iron" I am ashamed to say I lost it! I am 5'6" tall and 130 lbs., and I never knew I had the physical strength I did. I picked up that heavy round table he was sitting at with those two grinning idiots he had picked up and held it in the air and dumped every single glass and pitcher of beer on all of them! Even the bouncer of the pub said, "No way am I going to get in between that one!" I went home, locked the doors and refused to let him in. He had to move in with his mother (that should have told me a lot right there.) Although this wasn't my usual style of dealing with a problem I have to say, it sure felt good! Later, I filed for divorce. I've since met a wonderful man and we've been married 33 years.

Kick this guy as far as you can. Don't lower yourself by trying to get to the woman. That's what she wants! She wants you to retaliate so she can cunningly go whining to your husband and tell him how terrible you are to her. This only reinforces all his lies as to why he's left you.


Good luck Marcy


Wow I wish I did, but Im afraid the man I married might get mad and disappointed if I lay my hands on her, after all he has deep feelings for her and she is such a good Christian woman.

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Q: How can a wife get rid of the other woman?
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Can the other woman be sued by the wife?

cacan the other woman be sued by the wife

If a Married man loves other woman how does he prove it?

If a married man loves another woman than his wife, he can prove it by divorcing his wife and marrying this other woman.

What is the woman called that you cheat on your wife with?

The other woman would be called his mistress.

Is communicating with another woman cheating?

ANSWER: It depends on what type of friendship they have. As long as he knows that his wife know this other woman, that will be fine. But if this married man never mention to his wife about his friendship towards the other woman, that will be a no no

Should the wife confront the other woman about the affair?

yes == ==

If a man cheated on his wife and decided he fell out of love with her and wanted to leave for the other woman yet he and his wife stayed why would he take the chance to still be with the other woman?

Because he is an immature imbecile.

Can a man commit adultery with his wife?

No, a man cannot commit adultery with his wife. In order to be adultery, it has to be with a woman other than your wife.

Does he really love you or is he settling to be with you because the other woman did not want him as she told you the wife?

he's settling with you because the other woman did nit want him

Why is hard for a married man to leave an emotional love affair with the other woman?

because you feel like you need her or that by breaking it off with the other woman your wife will find out.or it is the total opposite. it could be that you love your wife but you dont feel the spark anymore that was once between you and your wife.but either way you cant lead your wife or the other woman on you will have to leave one of them sooner or later.

Is a man cheating his wife if he is having a telepathic sex with another woman?

if he feels atracted to that other person then yes he is cheating for this is not fair on his wife however if he doesn't know why he is thinking of this other woman he should seek help eather way he should talk to his wife about it

Why do a married man falls for the other woman his having an affair with and still stay with his wife?

He probably still loves his wife. the fact that he has had a relationship with another woman does not mean he does not love his wife and family. That is a idea implanted in our society by religion.

Can bi wife love her husband but want to be with other woman?

Technically, Yes a Wife can do that if she is both Gay and Straight, but it is not commonly heard of.

Did Noah's wife have three different races?

One was a crack head, the other was a black woman, and one being a Indian woman.

How do you get rid of a Jewish wife?

a divorce

How do you make him leave his wife?

You cannot force anyone to do something they do not want to do and were not ever going to do in the first place. As "the other woman" you are just that "the other woman" unfortunately when a man cheats on his wife he was always intending to just use you for his selfish needs and had no intention to ever leave his wife and/or be with you. You should stay away from this man and move on you deserve better and he will just stay with his wife.

If a husband knows looking at other woman hurts his wife is it possible for him to honestly not look at other woman?

I don't think we can force anyone to look or not look at anything. Nothing is worth such tyranny and control. It is only natural for men to look at women and vice versa. Can a wife really say that she never notices any men when she opens her eyes. On the other hand, commenting on other women with a view to hurting your wife is something else. Answer: Commenting on another woman is the same as looking at another woman when you know your wife or GF notices. It's hurtful and creates an insecure relationship.

What is the meaning of strange wife?

a woman who takes over another woman's husband; an immoral wife; a wife who two-times her husband; a versatile woman who is always smug in the arms of men.

Why husband look for other woman when sex with wife is great?

because men r chichora

What does it mean when a cheating man tells the other woman that he has feelings for her she is his future?

When a man that cheats tells the other woman she is his future he is implying that he wants to get rid of his girlfriend or wife and be with her, but there is only a very small percentage of men who cheat that mean what they say or they wouldn't be cheating in the first place. Men who cheat do so because they want excitement in their life; perhaps regain their youth; see if they are still attractive to younger women and the big one is always about sex. Cheating men generally want their cake and eat it too so he has his wife hopefully unaware of his cheating and he has the mistress on the side. The mistress is generally the loser. It is wise when a man cheats on his wife for the other woman to realize she may be important in his life now, but when it comes down to committing to her it generally never happens and why would anyone want to marry someone that has already cheated on their girlfriend or wife because they'll do it again with the other woman.

Do men ever leave their wives for the other woman?

I'm sure they sometimes do, but if he tells his 'other woman' that he's planning on it or just hasn't found the right time to do it chances are he's never going to. The other woman should just back away and get out of that type of relationship because even if he does leave his wife for the other woman, at some point he'll find another 'other woman'.

Can a Muslim man marry his sister in law as second wife?

No, when a man enters into marriage with a woman, all other woman in that family become haraam to him.

Why would a married man use condoms with his wife?

A married man would use condoms with his wife in order to prevent a pregnancy, the same as with any other man with any other woman.

How do you say wife in Hebrew?

Isha= wife,or a woman

Is it ok for my wife to be with other woman?

Yes but not intimately. She is free to associated and learn from other people and bring the lessons home.

The other woman don't want him she just gave sex for weed is he angry at the wife because the other woman don't want him?

This is a very sordid tale, but it is not a question. What is it you really want to know?