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Air pollution happens when the atmosphere is full of contaminants. Some of these contaminants are in the form of gases. These gases rise up into the clouds (condensed water vapour) and dissolve into the water vapour. When the clouds are full ( you'll know when it's seriously dark) the condensed water vapour with the dissolved gases falls back to the Earth with a slight acid content. This then corrodes buildings, cars, destroys habitats and many other consequences. Finally, because of the acid content in the rain you can sometimes smell it just before it rains.

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What are the damaging effects of air pollution on charminar?

acid rains

What are 4 human disruptions of the environment?

Mainly:Air pollution with green house gases that cause acid rains and global warmingnoise pollutionthermal pollutionradiation pollutionwater pollutionlight pollution

How can air pollution cause chemical weathering?

Air pollution is the number one cause of chemical weathering. This is because when pollution in the air mixes with water in the clouds it causes acid rain. This acid rain then rains down and causes erosion on cars, plants, statues and other items. This is because the rain is so acidic.

Is acid rain acid pollution?

Yes, acid rain is acid pollution. The exhaust from manufacturing put chemicals into the air that make it acidic. That acidity is carried by the air all over the globe and comes down when it rains.

What is being done to prevent the weathering of Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is being weathered by acid rain. Acid rain is pollution that is mixed with the air. When it rains the pollution rains down causing damage over time to structures and plants and animals.

What things cause air pollution?

there are many thing that cause air pollution. Like smokestacks from factories, acid rain, vehicles leaky gas, and smokers are a big problem of air pollution

When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are relished into the air they can case?

They are the cause of acid rains.

Is this sentence true or false One result of air pollution is acid?

There is no answer without further clarification. Air pollution can cause acid preciitation but not concentrayed or pure acids.

Is acid rain air pollution?

acid rain is an example of what air pollution

How does air pollution damage nature?

The pollution can cause damaging acid rain, as well as suffering in animals.

How the acid rain formed by burning fossil fuels?

The fossil fuels burn and come up to the air as pollution. It gets into a cloud, and when it rains, there is acid rain.

How does rain turn into acid rain?

Air Pollution pollution from factories, smoke stacks, cars, ect is released into the atmosphere and since clouds are part of the atmosphere, the pollution gets in there as well. when it rains, it will be acid rain because of the pollutants in the clouds

What are the consequences of air pollution?

There are many negative consequences of air pollution. When air pollution mixes with water in the sky it causes acid rain which rains down onto plants causing leaves to be destroyed. Acid rain also causes soil and water chemistry to change making it unfit for living organisms.

Is air pollution a result of acid rain?

acid rain is the result of air pollution

Does acid rain cause water land or air pollution?

it causes all of them

How does air pollution affect the water cycle?

Air pollution add pollutants to rain water. It may also cause acid rain.

How Do you Cause Air Pollution?

We cause air pollution by using vehicles that release gases that cause and increase air pollution. By using electricity we also cause air pollution ( computers).

How does air pollution cause weathering and erosion?

Air pollution can lead to acid rain, which in turn can lead to more erosion when it hits whatever it hits.

Is air pollution cause landslides?

no air pollution does not cause landslides

What gases cause air pollution?

What gases cause air pollution

What agents are weathering the Vatican?

The worst is air pollution and acid rain caused by air pollution. Water (rain) and wind also cause some weathering.

How does air pollution contribute to water pollution?

air evaporates and pollution causes acid rain!

Do hot air balloons cause air pollution?

Do hot air ballons cause air pollution

What impact does air pollution have on the environment?

Bad impacts. Air pollution can cause damaging acid rain and cause global warming. It also causes the ever crucial ozone layer to become depleted.

Do tornadoes cause air pollution?

No. Tornadoes can be very destructive, but they do not cause air pollution.