Land Pollution

Land pollution is caused by humans and their misuse and improper disposal of waste material. This would include: agriculture, mining, industries, sewage waste, ashes, garbage, chemicals and other toxic debris and household improperly disposed of. Ask questions about related health problems, birth defects, prevention, in general what can we do as caring people to prevent and clean up.

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Global Warming
Land Pollution

What are the main greenhouse gases causing global warming?

There are many gases which contribute to global warming. Some have a more potent effect than others. The number after the name indicates the equivalent greenhouse gas effect compared to carbon dioxide (the principal man-made greenhouse gas):

  • Water vapour (H2O) = ?
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) = 1
  • Methane (CH4) = 21
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O) = 298
  • Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) = 22,200
  • Chlorinated fluorocarbons (CFC's) = 1000 to 9000

Water vapor is an odd one in the list. It contributes to global warming because as the atmosphere warms (from CO2 and the other greenhouse gases) the warmer atmosphere is able to to hold more water vapor, which in turn captures more heat, thus adding to the warming through the feedback effect. Most models though ignore the cooling effect that is also associated with water vapor and is a problem that even the IPCC admits they do not have a good handle on.

The forcing numbers for all significant green houses gases are as follows:

  • water vapor 36-72%
  • carbon dioxide 9-26%
  • methane 4-9%
  • ozone 3-7%
Air Pollution
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Land Pollution

What is the effect of pollution on ajanta and ellora caves?

The carvings in the caves are damaged, they have lost their shine and gloss. this is due to the industry pollution and traffic as well.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Air Pollution
Land Pollution

What are we doing to protect animals?

We are recycling and not littering so trees don't need to be cut down. We can also give money so that animals and their habitats are protected. we also use waterproof sun lotion because if it wash's off, the chemicals will posion and kill the fish and plants. coral is also technically an animal and because it is so sensitive to changes to the surroundings you can't touch it or pollute the water in any way because your skin oils will kill it and the entire reef could die. The other ways by which we are helping them is by subduing poachers. animals like the bengal tiger are bieng poached everyday. they catch the tigers in man traps and either beat them to death or they pierce its mouth to kill it. the rich masterminds get tigerskins smuggled out of the country to be used as clothing, rugs,bedsheets etc.

Air Pollution
Land Pollution

What is pollution?

Any substance that damages the environment is called pollution

Air Pollution
Acids and Bases
Land Pollution

How does acid rain damage the environment?

Acid rain impacts several parts of the environment:

Water: Acidic water affects the growth and health of fish and other aquatic life, by reducing the pH of the water and impacting the health and breeding success of the fish and aquatic invertebrates. It also dissolves metals out of sediments and rocks to increase the metals (e.g., lead) in the water. These can be taken up by the plants and contaminate the associated seeds or fruit.

Land: Acid rain impacts crop growth and soil structure. It can affect the growth of plants as many plants have a specific soil pH for optimum growth. In addition it can leach nutrients out of the topsoil, into the groundwater and into the water table. The leaching of nutrients from the soil makes them unavailable to plant life. Acid precipitation can change the ionic balance in clayey soils, affecting their structure.

Infrastructure: Acid rain can corrode metal structures and erode cement, limestone and marble buildings.

Forest Ecology: Acid rain damages trees at high elevations. An acid rain damaged forest contains fewer environmental niches for wildlife.

Public Health: The pollutants that cause acid rain -- sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides -- are inhaled and cause an increase in heart and lung conditions (and premature death).

This list does not include secondary efffects like the reduction of predators' prey caused by the reduction of fish numbers.

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Why is polystyrene not environmentally friendly?

Like many other plastics, polystyrene is a polymer derivative of oil. It can be, but often is not, recycled. This is because of a lack of plants capable of processing the material, and its low yield when processed from its expanded foam form. In the cases where it is recycled, it is often used in other plastics and materials. Furthermore, plastics generally decompose very slowly, and polystyrene is no exception. This means the material stays in the ground without breaking for a long time when placed in a landfill Historically, the material has been expanded using Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's), increasing awareness and regulation have led to the use of other, more environmentally sound substances. In addition, some cities have imposed bans on the material for packaging. Polystyrene is a common and useful material, however, its long decomposition time and infrequent reprocessing, as well as its disruptive introduction into ecosystems contribute to its reputation for not being environmentally friendly. src:

Land Pollution

What is the possible solution of garbage pollution?

Any kind of garbage can be recycled in some way if you are determined to do so. Some things are easier to recycle than other things, but everything is recyclable. Whether we really are willing to go to the trouble, remains to be seen. That is one possible solution. Another solution is for people to create less garbage. Much of the garbage that we produce could have been avoided with better planning. Consumer products usually have vastly more packaging than they really need. Another solution is to create artificial islands in the sea, made out of garbage. Since there is really a lot of ocean, we won't run out of it very quickly.

Waste and Recycling
Land Pollution

What pollutants that cause land pollution?

dumping and throwing of garbage anywhere

Environmental Issues
Waste and Recycling
Air Pollution
Land Pollution

What can you do to save your environment?

  • you can save water, energy, and recycle
  • unplug your cellphone and charger when it's done charging
  • instead of riding your own car you can carpool or better yet walk or ride your bike
  • you can also turn the lights off when you leave the room
  • plus turn the water off when your not using it
  • in the winter instead of using heaters you can try wearing a sweater or your coat that way you'll be warmer. Plus you're helping the fight against climate changes
  • same goes in the summer time. Instead of turning on the AC you can always open the windows or us electric fans because you can unplug when you're done using it.
  • you can save the environment by using the 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle!
  • practise these few steps everyday and you will be able to play your part in saving the environment
  • we can save the environment by not polluting and help clean the world
  • you can save electricity by turning off the lights when leaving the house
  • not littering
  • you should help the earth to be clean
  • recycle everyday
  • reduce your garbage
  • when you go camping or hiking take all your rubbish home with you or throw in a proper dustbin.
  • don't break branches of trees or carve your names on them.
  • recycle things.
  • say no to products made from animal hides and body parts
  • plant more and more trees and preserve forest.
  • One way is to change your computer desktop black. Creating a black screen takes less energy to display than a white one.
  • you can say no to chemical cleaners and wash things with vinegar. It is acidic and effective. You can use it to kill bacteria on surfaces and wash away soap scum or clean out your coffee maker. It can even be used as long as it is diluted on the first wash and only the first wash of band t shirts to preserve the colors.
  • Here are a few more things to help you save the environment: (link below).
  • stop cutting down trees and recycle.
  • recycle,reduce and reuse the everyday items.

According to scientist Ryan Wallack, saving the environment is much more than just recycling. You have to do it with your heart!

Waste and Recycling
Bodies of Water
Land Pollution

What are the solutions to car pollution?

A electric vehical or a bike

Environmental Issues
Air Pollution
Land Pollution

What are some ways to prevent environmental problems?

There are many ways we can prevent environmental problems, especially Global Warming. Common and simple ways we can help save our environment are as follows:

1. Stop using spray products with CFC's

2. Stop burning wastes especially non-biodegradables.

3. Protest against big industries producing too much carbon into the atmosphere.

4. Support our leaders in their struggle to implement rules regarding the protection of our environment.

5. As individuals, the only thing we can help prevent environmental problems is to keep our environment clean. Get your hands dirty, pick up dirt.

Air Pollution
Land Pollution

How is the environment polluted?

The environment is polluted in several ways. For example, smoking, (unnecessary) driving and factoriescause a lot of pollution. Plus, there's acid rain, which has barely a difference from normal rain. You can't tell until you drink and get sick from it. It's formed from all our air pollution, as told above. Next, there's water pollution. It's one of our biggest problems. When you dump trash and waste in a body of water, you're polluting the water. The world is made up of 3% fresh water. 1% of that water is unpolluted. It may sound crazy, but that's what happens when you build a factory next to water. This may also sound weird, but there's noise pollution. If you decide that you want to be the world's loudest person, and you do or trigger something that is really loud, you've just created pollution. It's not nearly as bad as the other ones, but it's not good, either. Lastly, there's land pollution. This is a BIG problem with humans. Every single time you litter, or pour trash on the floor, you're polluting the environment. Landfills are a good example. You're burying waste under the ground, but what for? You're just polluting the Earth even more! Not only does that effect the environment, it kills animals. They dig up the trash, or find it on the ground. If they're hungry, they'll probably try to eat it, choking themselves to do so. Pollution has effected many of us as well as animals, plants, and the Earth itself. Soon the whole world will be filled with pollution, and you'll know when.

Waste and Recycling
Air Pollution
Land Pollution
Plastics and Polymers

Why are plastic bags so bad for the environment?

  • Plastic bags are bad for the environment because with all the growing plastic bags (which are not biodegradable) blowing around, anything can ingest it.
  • Animals and everything. also the materials to make plastic bags contribute to the global emissions.
  • Plastic degradation at sea takes between 45-1000 years.
  • Usually though, plastic bags don't biodegrade. They photo-degrade. Which means they break up into smaller pieces of plastic until eventually becoming plastics dusts.
  • Plastic which ends up in the sea (through garbage dumps at seaside, river flow etc) winds up becoming food for marine life that mistake it for food especially of the jellyfish variety.
  • Plastics bags have been found in the stomachs of endangered animals including the leatherback turtles, harbour porpoises and black footed albatross. Ingestion (swallowing) of plastic bags can result in blockages, internal infections, starvation and death.
  • These occur in deserts as well (garbage dumpsites in deserts) where camels and other desert wildlife have been found dead with plastic ingestion.
  • If animals don't die from plastic ingestion, they pollute the food chain instead. After all, we are the ones eating fish and meat.
  • Moreover, it takes about 430,000 gallons of oil to produce 100 million non-degradable plastic bags. And we use 4 trillion to 5 trillion plastic bags worldwide annually. That's using up oil sources without recycling them.
  • Recycling cost of plastic bags: it takes 250 bags to make 1 kilo of plastic - making recycling economically unviable. Furthermore, plastic is made of recycled materials, making them difficult to be further recycled. Burning plastic results in air pollution and toxic ash.
Noise Pollution
Land Pollution

What are the effects of land pollution?

Effects of Land Pollution

1. Effects on Climate

Land pollution can affect the general environment of the Earth. Land pollutions leads to loss in the forest cover of Earth. This is in turn going to affect the amount of rain. Less rains mean lesser vegetation. The effect of all different kinds of pollution will eventually lead to problems like acid rains, greenhouse effect, global warming. All of these problems have already initiated and need to be curbed before the situation runs out of control.

2. Extinction of Species

One of the major causes of concern is the extinction of species. Species are pushed towards endangerment and extinction primarily by two processes. Habitat fragmentation is the fragmentation of the natural habitat of an organism; cause primarily by urban sprawl. Habitat destruction, on the other hand, is when land clearing adversely affects animals special such that their natural habitat is lost. Both the actions can cause some species to go extinct and others to become invasive.

3. Biomagnification

Biomagnification is the process in which certain non-biodegradable substances go on accumulating in the food-chain (in one or more species). The most common example is of methylmercury in fish and mercury in eagles. Not only does biomagnification put the particular species at risk, it puts all the species above and below it at risk, and ultimately affects the food pyramid.

4. Effects on Biodiversity

Species extinction and biomagnification is going to overthrow the balance of nature very significantly. The main reason for this is disturbance created in the food chain. To give you a very simple example - on account of biomagnification of mercury in eagles, they might go extinct in the subsequent years. However, we know eagles prey on snakes. Less (or no) eagles will then result in more number of snakes!

As you may have realized, land pollution is indeed going to affect a lot more things than we though it will. Hence, I leave you with some corrective measure you can take on a personal level to reduce land pollution.

•Encourage organic farming - buy organic food

•Proper garbage disposal - separate your garbage before you give it to the garbage collector; and strictly say NO to plastic

•Encourage recycling - buy recycled products, notebooks, paper, etc.

•Restrict use of herbicides and pesticides - they are not only used in farm, but in your own backyard as well

If we reduce our contribution to garbage and litter, therein itself we will be able to significantly reduce land pollution and probably curb it entirely in the near future. Also do realize this isn't only about land pollution; it is about all kinds of pollution. We need to take steps to prevent damaging our Earth. We have no other place to go.

Waste and Recycling
Slogans and Mottos
Land Pollution

Is there any Slogans on pollution?

Think Green or Save the Earth.

Land Pollution

What are the causes of land pollution?

Land pollution is caused by domestic and nuclear wastes, industrial wastes, deforestation, human sewage, mining and other factories and increased mechanization.

- Polluted water discharged from factories

- Runoff from pollutants (paint, chemicals, rotting organic material) leaching out of landfill

- Oil and petroleum leaks from vehicles washed off the road by the rain into the surrounding habitat

- Chemical fertilizer runoff from farms and crops

- Acid rain (fumes from factories mixing with rain)

- Sewage discharged into rivers instead of being treated properly

- Over application of pesticides and fertilizers

- Purposeful injection into groundwater as a disposal method

- Interconnections between aquifers during drilling (poor technique)

- Septic tank seepage

- Lagoon seepage

- Sanitary/hazardous landfill seepage

- Cemeteries

- Scrap yards (waste oil and chemical drainage)

- Leaks from sanitary sewers

Air Pollution
Noise Pollution
Land Pollution

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Noise Pollution?

There is no real advantage of noise pollution, although some who like very loud music say that the advantage is entertainment. There are many disadvantages of noise pollution such as hearing impairment, causes stress, hypertension, ischemic heart disease and disturbances in sleep.

The Difference Between
Land Pollution

What is the difference between land pollution and soil pollution?

Well. Land pollution is like were you can see physically what happened. but soil pollution you can't see like anything.

Air Pollution
Land Pollution

Disadvantages of pollution?

The disadvantages of pollution is destruction of habitats.
- dead animals
- dead plants
- harms the ecosystems
- heat waves
Also climate change/global warming
- droughts
- more bugs
- more diseases
- rise in water from melting glaciers It's harmful for you
- asthma
- heavy breathing
- cancer (it varies)
- acid rain

The disadvantages of pollution links to problems with other things in our lives

People add to the list!!!! =D

Waste and Recycling
Land Pollution

What are the solutions of land pollution?

Well one obvious solution would be recycling...Not only does it keep our trash off of our land and out of our soil but it reuses our waste and conserves energy...Using biodegradable products also helps...Not littering and picking up trash one sees on the ground can help and reusing things yourself. You don't necesarilly have to take your recycled trash to a recyclling place but you can reuse glass bottles at home for foods, storage, decoration,etc. also with plastic bottles, old ice cube trays, old bedframes, etc... And desposing of harmful chemicals the proper way is also another way to prevent land pollution...there are more of course so just google it


Animal Rights and Abuse
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What is a fact file?

Fact File is a knowledge database or reference to various facts. There is an iPhone app called Fact File which allows the user to learn a new fact each day.

Conditions and Diseases
Waste and Recycling
Land Pollution

What are the diseases that you can get from land pollution?

due to land pollution

we get malaria typhoid dengue chikungunya etc

opps it are due to mosquitoes

Land Pollution
Water Pollution

How does mining contribute to land water and air pollution?

The chemicals in the rocks and ore that are being burnt that is being mined will be released into the air and will cause acid rain, which will fall into lakes, rivers, etc.

Environmental Issues
Deforestation and Habitat Loss
Land Pollution

What are the effects of deforestation to humans animals and environment?

Humans, animals and the environment make the planet earth, the living planet as far as we know.

[ dee-fawr

-ist, -for



verb (used with object)1.

to divest or clear of forests or trees: Poor planning deforested the area in ten years.

Forests are

  • the lungs of this planet, that give oxygen to other organisms by consuming carbon dioxide.
  • rich resources of medicinal plants
  • the home for the wild animals

Deforestationresults in ecological imbalance, by which carbon dioxide content is increased causing thegreen house effectwhich is devastating to the living organisms, and if it continues it results in depletion of oxygen which is the life force on this planet.

By deforestation we are destroying

  • the natural habitat of animals and most of the living organisms and their species resulting in stoppage of development of new species.
  • the rich resources of medicinal plants.
Ford Focus
Air Pollution
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What are some of the reasons your 2000 Ford Focus is hesitating and popping when you step on the gas?

I had similar problems. You might try checking the PCV valve hose located on the lower rear side of the throttle body (approx 10" below top of throttle body). I found mine melted with a hole. If you follow the hose through the emission components, it leads to the PCV valve in front of the engine.

AnswerI had the same problem on my SVT Focus 2002 (same as ST170) but it was the fuel filter. I .

My '99' focus was doing the same thing. A month later and it seems the ecu has gone down. Although it does seem like I'm the first this has happened to.

i have to same thing happen how can i fix it


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