Medieval Witch Hunts

The period of classical witch hunts between the 14th and 18th centuries, incorporating the Scottish North Berwick witch trials, Swedish Torsåker witch trials and the American Salem witch trials.

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Medieval Witch Hunts

Did crime rates go up during the black death?

Yes, due to the farmers dying because of the plague, marketers were forced to raise their prices, and the poor could not afford these high prices. Therefore, they had to steal food to survive and that's how crime rates got higher.

Medieval Witch Hunts

How were witches punished in the 17th century?

they were hanged , burned and swimming test

Medieval Witch Hunts

Why did people believe in witches in 16th and 17th century?

People in those times were largely religious, much more so than we are now. In those days, the word of the preacher was akin to law. So when the churches condemned witchcraft, things that may at one time seemed ordinary, now were acts of witches. Some people may have genuinely believed in witches, while others were just using them as a convenient scapegoat for life's problems, such as weather, etc.

I mean I'm not a history scholar or anything but it's what I scraped together from my readings in english and my U.S. history courses.

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Medieval Witch Hunts

What is a ''cat o' nine tails''?

It's a type of whip that has many knotted lashes on it. A cat o' nine tails is designed to slash the skin open.

Not all cats were knotted - and in fact those that were although they would usually hurt more were LESS likely to cut the skin - instead they would bruise much more.

Oddly enough, the cat of nine tails was designed specifically for the purpose of beating humans because whips like the bullwhip did too much damage. This wasn't an act of kindness on behalf of the Navy, Army or Slaveowners - simply one of practicality. Once the punishment was over, the idea was to get the person working again as quickly as possible.

A bullwhip WILL cut the skin very easily, a rope cat is almost incapable of cutting the skin (though it will abrade the skin to the point it looks like raw meat but without actually cutting). A leather or codline cat can cut - but again this tends to be more of a "razor nick" type cut when the very tip makes contact with the skin. The tresses (tails) do not have the density and speed required to slice.

Medieval Witch Hunts

How could witches be identified?

Witches Would ...

· Have familiars (pets) such as cats, toads and birds.

· Have a mark or lump from where they have fed their familiar their own blood

· Can hurt people by just looking at them

· Make curses that work

· Can't say the lord's prayer without making a mistake

· Have hair that can't be cut

· Mumble curses

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Medieval Witch Hunts

What are punishments for being a witch?

Many people were accused for being witches in the 17th century. At one point the people accused for witchcraft were just hung or burned to death. One test for witchcraft was called 'swim the witch', the person accused would have their left hand tied to their right leg and their right hand tied to their left leg. If they would drown then they were innocent and have a Christian burial, but if they stayed afloat then they would be guilty and be executed. Some people were watched to see if a 'familiar' would come to find them, anything from a stray cat to a spider. Another test for witchcraft was poking them with a needle, if they didn't bleed they would be accused for witchcraft and if they bled then they would be innocent. Also another test was to keep them awake to see if they would own up. The accused person would be walked back and forth all day and whipped so they would confess. Even if that person was innocent they would be so tired they would admit to anything.

By Natalie Evans, 8JNS

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Medieval Witch Hunts

What is Henry ii famous for?

Henry II is famous for:

- Being the ruler of England and huge territories in France.
- His knowledge of law and administration.
- His temper andappetiteto eat.
- The murder of Thomas a Becket.
- His conflicts with his wife and sons.

Medieval Witch Hunts

Where did witches get caught?

Well, they didn't really get caught. People saw them doing witch craft and reported them, then they would have a trial and if the person was found guilty of witchcraft and they didn't admit it, then they would have a hanging day made and be thrown in prison until that day came, then they would die.

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Salem Witch Trials

How many residents of Salem are killed as a result of the witch hunt?


Medieval Witch Hunts

What were tests for a witch?

In earlier ages, there was no formally established way to try witches, so many local superstitions were used instead. Witches were sometimes placed on water, based on the assumption that only a witch would remain floating on the surface. The suspect's body could also be examined for deformities or patches of skin insensitive to pricking with a sharp instrument, which would indicate a "devil's mark". They could also be tried by placing them on a large balance with a Bible on the other end. A prayer was then offered asking God to tip the balance so the Bible was heavier than the person if they were truly a witch.

Medieval Witch Hunts

What clothes did Witches wear in the medieval times?

They looked just like anyone else not something like the witch in Snow White. It was a time of superstition and anyone and anything that was different was considered to be evil.

Medieval Witch Hunts
Salem Witch Trials

When did the last witch trial take place?

The last Salem witch trial was in may of 1693.

The last witch trial was in Germany in the earky 1800s.

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Medieval Witch Hunts

What did a monk do in the middle ages?

Monks did several jobs. They sometimes acted as doctors for local people and they provided a place to stay overnight for travelers. Many spent their lives copying books or writing religious books since they were one of the few that could read and write. They also took in male children that had been orphaned or abandoned by parents. These children, in turn, would become monks. They conducted religious services.

Medieval Witch Hunts
Century - 1600s

What did witches look like in the 1600's?

They looked like everybody else.

Since what was called witchcraft was primarily a remnant of pre-Christian religious practice it was more commonly found amongst peasants and country-folk because they were less subject to social change and the ruling classes had an investment in a version of Christianity that validated their power.

The stereotype of witches as elderly women probably comes from two things.

The village wise woman and midwife, who predates the 1600's. A woman who did not fit the structure of male domination of religion and medicine would have been perceived as a threat. Physicians of the 1600's certainly sought to push these women out as they sought to professionalize medicine and witchcraft was an easy accusation.

Secondly, elderly women died by the thousands in the 1600's because they didn't have sufficient male protection to protect them from a grab for their property under the guise of the accusation of witchcraft. If a woman was found guilty of witchcraft then her accuser obtained part of her property.

Medieval Witch Hunts

What does Bosnia have to do with witch hunt?


Medieval Witch Hunts

Why do people when they like someone hurt them in a playful way?

whether they hurt you physically or emotionally makes no difference the answer is simple . Causing you pain accomplishes two things-initiates intimacy ie physical or emotional contact and it also helps determine if you like them back based on your reaction

whether they hurt you physically or emotionally makes no difference the answer is simple . Causing you pain accomplishes two things-initiates intimacy ie physical or emotional contact and it also helps determine if you like them back based on your reaction

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If you wear the Blair Witch symbol are you for or against the witch trials and do you hate witches or are you a witch?

Most likely wearing a Blair witch symbol means you're a fan of the movie or you think it looks cool.

Some websites claim the symbol is an obscure charm used by occultists and alchemists, others claim it was an invention of the film's art department with no real meaning in occultism or witchcraft. I'm inclined to believe the latter rather then the former.

Wearing the symbol is unlikely to upset any religious persons, although it might be offensive to people who hated the film.

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Who played Anne De Chantraine?

I believe it was Claudia Boland, who worked for the company that created the games. She also played Elizabeh Bathory in Atmosfear IV. I believe it was Claudia Boland, who worked for the company that created the games. She also played Elizabeh Bathory in Atmosfear IV.

Medieval Witch Hunts

What is a Witchophile?

A Witchophile is someone who is an expert on witches and sometimes hunts witches.

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What happened to witches in the 16th and 17th century?

If they were caught being a witch, or if they were accused of being a witch, they would tie rope around there stomach and put them in the water. If they floated on water, or if they stayed alive while they were underwater they would get sent to the stand and they would either get burned or hanged.

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Who did Tituba accuse of being a witch?

Sarah good & Sarah osbourne

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Salem Witch Trials

What happened to those who did not confess to witchcraft?

Most likely they would have died, slowly.

In that time, if you were accused of been a witch (whom were mostly women).

You will be put to death, in one form or another.

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Salem Witch Trials

Was the Salem witchcraft hysteria caused by a fear of women?

Of course

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How does McCarthyism link with witch hunts?

McCarthyism demonized the Communist and Atheists. I guess you can call it a modern witch hunts? Sen. Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957)

United States Senator from Wisconsin, Republican, the leading American anti-Communist figure in the late 1940s through the mid-1950s, who began a campaign designed to discredit atheists by linking atheism to Communism; this link became the butt of anti-American remarks made by Soviet cosmonauts (e.g., Gagarin, Titov) during the early years of the Space Race • Load This Section With Frames Index Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity.

Sen. Joseph McCarthy, identifying the "final, all-out battle" as being between atheism and Christianity (not Communism and Capitalism or the Soviet Union and the United States) in his famous address to the Ohio County Women's Republican Club on February 9, 1950. This is the address which launched the terrifying and destructive "McCarthy Era" attacks upon many US citizens. McCarthyism Arose for Want of Resistance "In the early 1950s in the US, there was what was called McCarthyism and the only reason it succeeded was that there was no resistance to it. When they tried the same thing in the 1960s it instantly collapsed because people simply laughed at it so they couldn't do it. Even a dictatorship can't do everything it wants. It's got to have some degree of popular support."

Noam Chomsky, in Noam Chomsky, "Interview With Chomsky" (December 28, 2002), The ensuing movement solidified the American public's support the "Cold War" between the United States and the Soviet Union. On March 13, 1954, vice-president Nixon denounced McCarthy's work as "reckless talk and questionable methods." †† Drug-Induced Damage Continues Today "Many of the effects of McCarthyism continue in America to this day. These range from a widespread public distrust of atheists to such niceities as that highly effective advertising slogan promoting religion, "In God We Trust," on all US currency and coinage to the insertion of the lie "under God" into our Pledge of Allegiance. One man wreaked all this damage and much more.

"McCarthy died from the affects of heavy, almost uncontrolled use of alcohol and narcotics within a few years of his rise to influence. Although his heavy drug and alcohol use destroyed his family, his career, and his life, the fact that his ideas, his values, and his priorities were influenced by a drug- and alcohol-clouded mind did nothing to slow their spread nor hamper their influence on public thinking!"

Positive Atheism Magazine, McCarthy was censured by Congress on December 2, 1954; McCarthy's polarizing of America against atheists remains evident to this day, although its effects were reduced during the 1960s through the heroic (albeit controversial) efforts of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who managed to bring about a distinction in the public mindset between "Communist" and "atheist." (March 25, 2002) see also link "Wikipedia Sen. Joseph McCarthy

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Medieval Witch Hunts

How did people determine a witch?

People who had something against them said they saw them commiting witchcraft. That person just said so and the "witch" was killed.


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