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How can an adult earn some extra money?

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2009-06-15 23:08:14

There are lots of ways to earn extra income. Which option is the

best depends on your personal circumstances: must you work from

home? do you have transportation? do you have education? do you

require childcare in order to do this work? etc. You've probably

considered some of the most obvious options: taking on another job

(full- or part-time). Working with a temp agency can help if you're

only looking for short-term work. You could try picking up an extra

shift at work, babysitting for your friends, etc. For the long

term, earning extra money requires getting a better job than you

already have, which often means getting more education. Investing

in yourself and your family with education is almost always worth

it, even if you have to borrow money to do so. Another way to make

"extra" money isn't by working more but by spending less. Cut back

on your cell phone, your cable, etc. Turn off the lights you don't

use. Take in a roommate. Drive a used car. Lump all of your

shopping trips into one so that you don't waste gas making multiple

trips. Call your credit card companies and talk to them about

lowering your interest rates. These ideas will save you money. One

thing that you SHOULDN'T do to earn extra money: don't fall for

those "Work from Home" schemes that you see advertised in the back

of magazines, on telephone poles, etc. These are almost always

scams: they promise that you can work from home, such as by

stuffing envelopes or sewing pieces of clothing, and they usually

require you to buy something as part of the scam (such as the

envelopes, the material you'll sew, a handbook, etc.). After you

send them your money, you never hear from them--or, if you do, it's

virtually impossible to make any money at the job (for example,

they'll pay you half a cent for every envelope you stuff--you'd

have to stuff 1000 envelopes to make five dollars. Not a good


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