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well, just tell him that you want a divorce. if he says no, tell a lawyer. they will figure it out. just remember... God doesnt like divorce. "til death due us part" remember that when you got married? if he does stuff you dont like, just SEPERATE for a while (THIS DOES NOT MEAN GET A DIVORCE! THIS JUST MEANS ONE OF YOU LIVE AT A FRIENDS HOUSE, AND ONE OF YOU STAY AT, LIKE, REHAB OR SOMETHING!) well, i hope i have helped. Goodbye! Jesus loves you and God bless!

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How can a legal female get a divorce from an illegal husband that is in Mexico and wont give her a divorce?

I'd get a lawyer as fast as I could.

Can the wife in Mexico file a divorce when husband is in US or does he have to be there also?

need to know if its possible to get divorce in Mexico when spouse is in U.S. on grounds of abandonment The husband doesn't have to be in Mexico.

Can you file for a divorce husband in California and wife in Mexico with visits of 30 days every 3 years?

Go and see an attorney.

Can you file for divorce if your husband left for Mexico?

You can file for divorce even if your husband was still living at home. However, divorce laws vary by state.

Can a husband obtain a divorce in Mexico from his wife who resides in the US?


Can you get a divorce if you got married in Mexico but now live in California?

my boyfriend livis with me for the past year,he has been leaving in California for the past four years. he is married in Mexico and wants to get a divorce. how can he do it?

Wife abandoned me 7 yrs ago and left to Mexico How can you get a divorce from her i live in California she wont give me a divorce?

It is the court - not the wife (or husband) who grants the divorce. In most states, if one spouse files for a divorce, the court will grant the divorce (assuming there are no jurisdictional issues). She may not want a divorce, she may not agree to a divorce, but she cannot prevent you from obtaining a divorce.

How do you divorce someone that has been deported and no contact info?

How do I divorce my husband who was departed to Mexico 2 years ago.

Can a woman who is a Mexican citizen living in Mexico file for divorce from her husband who is living in the US?


Can a husband obtain a divorce in the US from his wife who resides in Mexico without her knowing?

It is not possible of obtain a divorce without the knowledge of any one of the couples.

Can an illegal immigrant file for divorce in the US from a spouse in Mexico?

Divorce law is governed by each individual state in the US. If a person meets the minimum residency requirement of their state (usually six months or so) they can go to court and request a divorce. Residency just means living in the state. It is not the same as citizenhip. A valid US divorce is valid in all parts of the US. Mexican law and treaties determine whether a US divorce decree is valid in Mexico. A certified transcript of the US divorce may have to be presented in Mexico to make it valid in Mexico. See: Illegal Alien Divorce for a more complete answer.

Can two Mexican citizens who were married in Mexico get a divorce in California?

No, Mexican citizens can't get divorced in California if they were married in Mexico. One of the parties would need to be an American citizen.

Is it illegal to marry your brother-in-law after your husband dies in Mexico?

If he's not married then it is legal

How do you get a divorce living in US and you are marry in Mexico?

you have to get the divorce in mexico.

You want to marry your boyfriend but he is illegal and was married in Mexico?

He is already married, you can't marry him unless he gets a divorce.

What if you marry an illegal immigrant and want a divorce but they are in Mexico?

You would file for divorce at your local courthouse and serve the other party by publication (taking out an ad in a newspaper telling the other person about the divorce filing).

How can an illegal immigrant get a divorce so he can remarry?

Is he married here or in his home country? My husband went to the Mexican consulate here in the U.S. and got papers to give power of attorney to his sister in Mexico. She was then able to get a divorce for him. It took about 6 months. If his wife is here in the U.S. then I think it would be the same as any divorce between two U.S. citizens.

If your husband was in the army and divorced you in Mexico is this legal?

PLEASE consult a divorce attorney in your state or contact the Legal Aid Society (they offer free or low-cost legal services) to insure your rights are protected.If your husband did not notify you that he was seeking a divorce in Mexico (so that you could respond), then THAT divorce would be a "void" divorce and would NOT be legal in USA.["Void" divorces, where an ex parte divorce is obtained without notice, actual or constructive, to the absent defendant. Courts do not recognize or enforce this type of divorce]

If my husband is married in Mexico can i marry him in the US?

If I married my husband in the US and he got deported back to Mexico and married there is my marriage real or no

Are ferrets legal in New Mexico?

Yes there legal in New Mexico, the only places they are illegal are New York City, California, and Hawaii.

Can a husband obtain a divorce if he is a legal alien in the US and the wife still resides in Mexico and can it be done with no travel?

It depends on the state you reside.

How can you get divroce if your husband got deported to Mexico?

By judicial declaration from the court of appropriate jurisdiction. You file a petition for divorce with the clerk to get started.

What are the five states with the highest number of illegal immigrants?

California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and New Mexico

Can an ex-spouse who lives in Mexico have a right to community property in California now that ex-husband has passed away?

No. Divorce severs the legal relationship between the parties. Once a couple has been divorced there are no community property rights between them. Their community property should have been divided as part of the divorce and once the divorce was final each has no claim to the estate of the other.

Are skylines illegal in Mexico?

they're illegal in mexico, USA, and many more

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