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Go to your country's embassy or consulate and get an ID. For Mexicans it's called "Matricula Consular." If you want an USA ID, try to find a state that does not require a Social Security Number nor proof of legal status. I heard that the state of Washington is one of them, but you better make sure first.

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Q: How can an illegal immigrate obtain a photo ID?
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Photo ID for a trip and am only 15 where can you get photo id in NJ?

You can get a state photo id from the DMV. It looks like a license but is just an ID.

Can an illegal Mexican get married in NC?

Yes, an illegal Mexican can get married in the state of North Carolina. They will need to show a photo ID and a birth certificate.

Where can you get a photo id so you may visit an inmate in jail?

Anywhere you can obtain a state ID. In Michigan that is any Secretary of State's office. In other states it would be the DMV.

where can i get a photo id besides the dmv?

You won't get one that's valid besides the department of motor vehicles. The next best photo id to this is an employee photo id.

Can you use college id card as photo proof to get passport?

No. This is a secondary ID. You need to have a Government issued photo ID for this application.

How do you replace a lost birth certificate?

You have to apply at the records repository of the appropriate county records office. You will probably have to provide photo ID to obtain it.

How can an illegal immigrant file for divorce without a photo id?

I don't think you need to produce an ID to file for divorce. Lawyers file divorce papers for clients all the time and that would be a real mess if the ID was needed.

Does a teenager need photo id to go on a plane?

If you are under eighteen, photo ID is not required to get on a plane.

When did it become obligatory to hold photo id in England?

Photo ID isn't obligatory anywhere in Britain.

What does this mean photo ID furnished type and ID number?

the ID number on your ID card

Can you get passport card with no photo id?

No. You need a photo because the photo proves you are who you are saying you are. It's illegal. If you didn't have one, you could be taken for questioning. You must have a photo. You also need one because they might think you're a terrorist since you don't have one. It's true

Do you need photo id to fly to Northern Ireland?

Nowadays, you need photo id to fly anywhere. So "yes".

What can you get a photo id?

All states offer a photo ID at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, where you can also get a driver's license.

Can you fly in the US without an id?

No. You need a government issued photo ID. Driver's license works well. passport even better. For those without a driver's license, one can usually obtain an ID for a small fee through the DMV in the state.

How do you obtain network id from IP address?

how do you obtain network id from ip address

Is a Massachusetts PVTA transportation pass considered a government issued photo id?

No a PVTA pass is not a government issued photo ID.

How can you get photo id to go by ferry to jersey from England?

Learn to and then prove that you can drive a car, once you have done this they send you your photo id

Why can an illegal immigrant get a state id?

because they are illegal

How does one obtain a Russian Visa?

One obtains Russian visa by approaching the Russian embassy in one's country of residence. It is necessary to fill out an application form and to provide a personal photo. It is also necessary to bring photo ID.

Do you need a photo on Illinois drivers license?

I believe Illinois offers both photo, and non photo drivers licenses. The problem with opting for a drivers ID with no photo is that when ever you are asked to present your ID to show proof of age, it will be denied. You will need some sort of photo ID to prove your identity for legal, and recreational reasons.

Do you need photo ID for an infant in order to fly?

We did not need photo id for my daughter when we flew with her in December. She was 5 months old at the time.

Where could I buy photo ID system software?

You can photo ID system software at Another good site is or

Can you use your driving licence as id to fly from Scotland to dublin?

If it has a photo id on it.

Im from the UK and an illegal immigrant and want to marry us citizen but have no photo ID what state can i marry and can i use my passport with my I94 as ID?

You may marry i have done it with only my passport go to your country counsult to get an undated passport.

How can an illegal alien marry in America when he does not have a photo ID or status?

That person can go to the consulate or embassy of her/his home country and see about obtaining a photo I.D. If that person is from Mexico, s/he can obtain a Matricula Consular. Nevada is the best place to get married. A social security number is not necessary. I married my illegal alien husband there. He just had one picture I.D. They asked for his social security number and we said he didn't have one. It wasn't a problem. You can go to Las Vegas and do it there if he has his id from where ever he came from he can do it with that but dont put down any fale information. and qwestions feel free to e-mail me