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Only if the person can qualify for asylee or refugee status.

The foreign national will likely be subject to deportation and will be barred from applying for reentry for the time specified under USCIS law.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

Immigration and Customs Enforcement,

Or if one is not married they can merry a US citizen and apply to permanent residency without leaving the country.


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An "illegal immigrant" is any person who enters the country in violation of the nation's laws, or remains in the country without authorization to do so. This would include people who cross the borders without going through a Customs and Border Patrol checkpoint, or people who have temporary or tourist visas to come to the country, but remain in the country after their visas have expired.

Failure to provide required information may cause delayor denial of immigrant visas.

Legally speaking you can't. That is the whole point. If you are in the US illegally, you can't legally work there. Even if you are in the US legally, you can't necessarily work there, for example, if you are on a tourist visa, or some student visas. Practically speaking, I suppose you need an employer willing to ignore the law.

Yes, if they have a valid SSN# and a state I.D.

If you are outside the US you file a petition with the US Embassy for the country where you currently live. The US State Department has some information on non-immigrant US visas. USCIS is the agency that handles the actual visa processing. The US Embassy in your country will have the most detailed descriptions of the non-immigrant visas and how to obtain them on the Embassy website.

I asked a simple question. how long immigrant administrative clearance take after interview, but nobody was answer it correctly,

B1/B2 are visas for tourism and business visits. They will remain valid till the expiry date. Unlike some type of work visas, they will not be invalidated at any time on grounds of non-arrival.

Many people enter Australia under visas that are valid for a specific time period - as students, tourists, working holidaymakers and so on. Overstayers are people who have entered Australia with valid papers, but whose visas have subsequently expired.

There is no such requirement. In fact, there are immigrant visas for spouses and even fiancees of American citizens.

A number of people enter the US without having the legal right to, or remain in the US after their visas have expired. They are known as illegal immigrants. The US illegal immigration statistics can be found at the Government Accountability Office. And Wikipedia also has some detailed information.

No, uncle won't help. The laws allow immigrants to sponsor immigrant visas to their families which mean parents, spouses and children.

You can find information about immigrant visas at the US State Department's website. There's a link in the "Related Links" section.

They specialize in getting people into the United States legally. They fight deportation and try to get people work visas and qualify for citizenship.

You cannot travel internationally with an expired passport. You will encounter incredibly long delays and problems if your passport expires while you travel. If a passport is lost, a temporary passport may be issued but any visas will need to be re-applied for.

domestic? you don't even need a passport. All you need is a license/picture id. passports and visas are for international flights

Some types of Visas available in Bahrain include Visit Visas and eVisas. Visas available for you in Bahrain also depend on where you are from and your nationality.

Yes. They typically give out fiance visas pretty easily regardless of your background, unless you're wanted for serious crime.

H1B visas last 3 years. You can only have two and then you have to apply for a Green Card or return to your home country. Your wife and child can get H4 visas if you have a H1. Your wife would not be able to work legally on an H4 but your child can attend school. You can get a driver's license with an HI. You can only legally work for the company named on the H1B visa and no other company.

No, India is one of the exempted country to Fiji. Visas are given upon arrival. It is good for 3months and can be renewed when expired at the Immigration Department in Suva or Lautoka.

A US citizen can remain in the UK for 6 months on a tourist visa, however not allowed to work.

Currently, any child born in the United States toÊa legally resident alien, meaning those that hold visas, is considered to already be a U.S. Citizen. If the plan is to live in the United States, however, immigration is still preferable.

visas to stay and passports to visit.

Over a dozen. Foster Quan LLP Immigration Attorney Houston is good 600 Travis Street, Houston, TX - (713) 229-8733

How to get a visa depends on what type of visa you wish to acquire:Family VisasStudent VisasWork VisasVisitor VisasGetting a visa from any country usually requires filling-up a visa application form.

The word visas has two syllables. Vi-sas.

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