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They look at your driving record, which is available through law enforcement channels. And Insurance companies actually share with each other as well.

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Q: How can an insurance company know if you have had an accident in the past?
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In Canada can you find the insurance company with the plate number of a vehicle?

Not unless that plate has been mentioned/listed in another accident attended by police in the past.

Can an insurance agency find out about a claim or accident even if there was no police involved or report on it when asked about your past accident history?

Yes, CLUE reports monitor anything paid by any insurance company regardless of a police report. Therefore, only if you reported the accident to the insurance company or they reported it. If you did not, and they did not, and there was no police report(for example you did some kind of direct negotiation or something) only then is there no way they are going to find out.

What if you have a past due balance on car insurance account then get in an accident?

You're probably screwed because your insurance most likely has lapsed.

How do you find your past claims?

Contact your insurance company's customer service.

If you are involved in a hit and run accident that is not your fault should you tell your insurance if you are about to switch insurance companies?

== == Question..........Did you leave the scene of the accident? If so, you should have been charged by police. On the other hand, if you didn't run and the other driver did run away, you are OK. And YES you should all ways tell the TRUTH to your insurance company, or it WILL come back and bite you in the butt. That also applies to the NEW insurance company. Ethically you have a responsibility to be truthful about your past driving record.

What type of company is liberty mutual?

Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that offers auto, home and renters insurance. It also offers life insurance company in the past, and has top notch claims and customer service.

What is the past tense of accident?

Accident doesn't have a past tense as it's not a verb. It's a noun.

Where can you get your own employers insurance?

Its hard to find information online about getting your own employers insurance. However, from past experience, you can go to the HR person in your company and ask for information about getting the company's insurance.

Why do insurance company ask for Declaration Page from your past insurance company?

The new insurance company is asking for proof of prior insurance coverage. Some insurance companys have what they call a "proof of prior" discount. This means that you may qualify for a discount if you can prove you had previous insurance with no lapse in coverage. Be sure to ask your insurance agent for a further explanation.

If you have no fault auto insurance will your insurance rates increase if you happen to be in an accident in which you were not at fault?

Generally speaking, no. However, in any moving incident/violation, your driving record is checked. If it turns out that you have a few past speeding tickets, and maybe another previous accident or two where you were not at fault, the insurance company may choose to tag you as a high-risk driver and increase your premium. On the other hand, if you are a driver with a spotless record, your rates will probably not go up in the event of an accident where you are not at fault.

What is mean by car insurance?

Car insurance is an agreement between yourself and an insurance company who will pay for any liability that you incur should you be involved in an accident. Your payment to them is called the insurance premium and is based on statistical analysis of your potential likelihood of making a claim. i.e. How likely you are to have an accident in your car based on factors like age, sex, time qualified as a driver, civil or criminal record, type of job, usage of the vehicle and past claims history.

Where is a place to get this admiral car insurance and is it popular?

Admiral Car Insurance is a company based in the UK. It is a relatively new company that offers policies to those who pay high premiums due to the lack of carry insurance in the past.

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