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How can cavities hurt your body?

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Do cavities hurt?


What are the two major body cavities?

ventral and dorsal body cavities are the major two for the body.

What is the body cavities and how are they used in health care?

Body cavities are internal cavities in the body with an external entrance. In health there are different reasons to examine body cavities. In law enforcement there are different reasons. Searching for things mainly.

Identify two body cavities found in the fetal pig?

The two largest body cavities are the thoracic and abdominal cavities.

What fluid can be found in the body cavities?

A serous fluid is found in all body cavities.

The two principal body cavities are?

There are two principal body cavities the dorsal (posterior) body cavity and the ventral (anterior) body cavity.

Do frogs have body cavities?


What is the muscle that divides the body into thoracic and abdomiopelvic cavities?

DIAPHRAGM divides the body into thoracic and abdomo -pelvic cavities.

Can sugar gum hurt your teeth?

Yes, it causes cavities.

When do cavities usually hurt?

Cavities typically begin to hurt as the decay gets close to the nerve of the tooth. Once that happens it is time to either get a root canal and crown or have the tooth removed.

How are body cavities related to medical specialities?

Body cavities are related to medical specialties because each body cavity has a different function.

What are the 4 cavities of the body?

The major cavities: thoracic, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic.

What are the major body cavities of the human body?


What body cavities are located in abdominopelvic?

The abdominal and pelvic cavities are located in the abdominopelvic cavity.

Which tissue line body cavities?

Epithelial tissue lines bodily cavities/surfaces.

In which part of the body can you get cavities?

Your teeth

Which part of your body can you get cavities?


How many body cavities do you have?


Why does your teeth hurt so bad when you chow gum?

Maybe you have cavities.

What fluid is secreted by the membranes that line the body cavities?

Serous fluid is secreted by membranes the line the body cavities, such as the pleura and peritoneum.

What type of tissue is the main tissue in the skin and the lining of body cavities?

In general, they are epithelial tissues which are in the skin and line body cavities.

What gland is found in the membrane that lines body cavities?

The glands that are found in membranes that line internal body cavities are serous glands.

How many serous membranes are in the human body?

Serous membranes line and enclose several body cavities, known as serous cavities, where they secrete a lubricating fluid which reduces friction from muscle movement. There are many of these cavities located throughout the body.

what covers most organs and cavities with in body?

Epithelial tissue covers the surfaces and cavities of organs.

How are the two main body cavities subdivided?

the two main body cavities are subdivided by dorsal-cranial & spinal and ventral-abdominopelvic & thoracic.

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