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Through radioactive decay, because Uranium (element 92) is unstable.

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How can element 92 become element 93?

It happens when a beta particle is emitted from the nucleus of the atom of element 92. Beta Particle is emitted when a neutron is converted to a proton.So atomic number that is , the no of protons increases by 1. Hence 92 becomes 93.

Will the hood fenders and headlight assembly from a 92 ranger fit onto a 83 ranger?

Yes it will same from 83-92.

What element has 92 electrons?

Element with atomic number 92, the best known radio-active element, Uranium

What is the average of 83 110 85 90?


Are all elements from 83 to 92 unstable?


Which metallic element atomic no. 83 soothes gastric ulcers?

Bismuth is the name of the element with atomic number 83.

What elements have the atomic number 83?

Only one element can have any specified atomic number. For 83, the element is bismuth.

Was Pablo Picasso 83 92 101 79 or 93 when he died?

Pablo Picasso was 92 when he died.

Element with atomic number greater than 92?

Uranium is a none metal element. atomic number of it is 92.

What is the greatest common factor of 83 and 92?

The GCF is: 1

What is 2075 divided by 2300?


Which element has 83 protons?


What element has 83 protons?


Which element has 83 electrons?


Has atomic number 83?

Bismuth is a metal element. atomic number of it is 83.

How many protons does an element with an atomic number of 92 have?

it's 92

What element has 92 protons?


Is 83 A square number?

No. The nearest square numbers are 92 and 102.

What element has more than 92 protons?

No naturally existing element has more than 92 protons but synthetically have as Plutonium has 94.

How many neutrons are in Element 92?

Element number 92 is Uranium and there are two main isotopes - U235 and U238. In U235 there are 92 protons so there are 235 - 92 = 143 neutrons. In U238 there are thus 146 neutrons

What element has a mass of 238 and 92 protons?

This chemical element is uranium.

What element has atomic number 83?


What is atomic number 83?

the element having atomic no. 83 is bismuth.It is placed in group-15

Is bismuth an element or a compound?

Bismuth is an element, in the 'poor metal' group. Each Bismuth atom contains 83 Electrons, 83 Protons and 126 Neutrons

Which element has 146 neutrons?

Uranium, i think, its also has 92 protons and 92 electrons