Water Pollution

How can fresh water be polluted?

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what is the percent of fresh water that is polluted

well if the shrimp are cuaght in polluted water then they are polluted but if there are caught in fresh water then theyt are not polluted

Yes, rain is a fresh water source unless getting polluted in a polluted environment through its fall.

No. Fresh water is simply water that is not salty. Supplies can easily be polluted.

When plans get polluted by water they die. Plants need clean, fresh water in order to survive and to carry out photosynthesis.

Lake Ontario is a fresh water lake - although maybe we should say a polluted fresh water lake.

Rain is fresh, and various lakes, rivers, and glaciers contain fresh water (although lakes and rivers are often polluted).

They get highly polluted with gasses.

The quality of water varies greatly - from very fresh in the upper reaches to polluted at cities.

Water is salty in oceans. Much of the water is polluted. Hence, it becomes difficult to find clean fresh water.

We would not be able to drink the water or eat the fish.

That depends on the river. Some rivers across the planet are so polluted that their waterfalls are very smelly and the water downriver is covered with foam for many kilometers. Thus, if the fall is near the spring, the water is fresh, the further you get downriver, the bigger chances are that it is polluted.

Any water that gets cold enough to freeze. You can freeze fresh water, brackish water, salt water, or polluted water.

water that is polluted

all rivers are fresh water, so therefore the Missouri river is fresh water. all though rivers are very polluted, then it is full of chemicals, but was at one time clear fresh water. it still is, underneath all of the discusting stuff.

it is the spring that gives us fresh water if we do not watch what we throw into our springs we will have polluted water in our future

only if you catch it then put it in fresh clean water for 1-2 weeks

Depends on the ecosystem. If it's fresh water then many can be effected by it.

Maybe fresh water cleans and keeps the inside of the plant healthy, and helps the whole process of the flowering. And maybe polluted water may have dangerous chemicles that when inside the plant kill the plant.

polluted water is more dangerous for use and contaminated water is poisiones then polluted

11 percent is fresh water. The other 88 percent is polluted with semen.

The air is less polluted, the water is fresh spring, their economy is doing better there in their suburb.

The disease from polluted water is typhwid.

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