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you can go to the dealer with the radio or the VIN # and the should either be able to unlock it for you or look up the code.

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Q: How can get unlock code for your Honda Accord 1995 model car stereo?
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Honda model number for stereo 39100-sv4-a000?

This is the same model I have in my 1996 Honda Accord

How do you unlock Honda accord 2003 model CD player?

you get a key



Honda Accord V6 coupe why will the car not get out of park?

i got a Honda accord 1998 model and it will not get of park

Where is the starter located on a 2004 Honda Accord?

where is the starter located on a honda accord with a v 6 2004 model

Will a master cylinder from a 1992 Honda accord lx fit a 1995 Honda accord ex?

A master cylinder from a 1992 Honda Accord will fit on a 1995 model. Although the years are different the model is still from the same generation offering part interchangeability.

How to increase idle on 2004 honda accord petrol model?

To increase idle on the 2004 Honda Accord petrol model, apply carb cleaner on the adjustment screw on the throttle body to loosen up any form of debris. The car that I am enquiring about is UK model of a honda accord.

What model is a Honda Vin 1hgcg16552a060534?

That is a 2002 Honda Accord EX V6 Sedan.

What does ex mean on Honda accord?

It is just Honda's designation for their top of the line model.

What does the fuel pump on a Honda Accord look like?

Depends on what model, and year you are asking about. 1969 HONDA ACCORD LOOKS HARD AND HEAVY!

What is 2009 Honda Accord's top end model?

Accord EX-L V6 with Navigation.

What is the base price of a 2013 Honda Accord?

According to their website, the 2013 Honda Accord has a base price of $21,680. This is the price of the Accord LX, and will vary based on options and if you choose another model (such as the Accord Sport or Accord EX).

Which Honda Accord model is the most reliable?

All Honda Accords are very reliable vehicles.

Can a 1997 Honda Accord transmission fit in a 1997 Acura CL?


How do you unlock a Honda accord 2000 model CD player without paying for the code on line and the unlock code is not found anywhere on the car body?

I had the same problem with my Acura. I called the dealership where I bought it, and they looked it up and gave it to me....

How much does a 1998 Honda Accord cost?

Depends on mileage, condition, and model Honda Accord you're referring to. Click the link and look up the value for yourself.

How do you install a turn signal switch in a 1993 Honda Accord four door model?

How do you install a turn signal switch in a four door 1993 Honda Accord

How do Honda Accord cars compare to other Honda lines on gas mileage?

The Honda Accord gets good gas mileage. The 2013 model gets 34mpg highway. Other Hondas, such as the Honda Civic, get better gas mileage but the Accord is a very fuel efficient car.

Honda model number for stereo 39100-s9a-a200?

CQ-EH8160AK might be the model number

Where is the fuel cut off switch on a Honda Accord 1996 model?

Honda does not equip their vehicles with a fuel pump inertia switch.

What is the FACTORY code for delco car stereo model 09394159 to unlock the raido?

you will probably have to take it to a Chevrolet dealer and have them unlock it

What is the transmission fluid capacity in a Honda Accord EX 2003 model?


Where knock sensor located in Honda accord 2000 model?

by oil filter

How much horsepower Honda Accord lx have?

Honda has been building the Honda Accord from 1976 until 2013. The 1976 model 4 cylinder had 68 h.p. and today the 2013 model LX 4 cylinder has 185 h.p. With many different H.P. versions in between.

Devo comprar um Honda Accord 1992?

Favor de Google Honda Accord 1992 e visitar OS sitios, especialmente o seguinte: