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How can help community health problem?


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Community health problem can be prevented through information dissemination of health updates, through this community health problem can be lessen because of early detection.

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Usually the Health Department or the Ministry of Health is responsible for maintaining the health of the community in general and for intervening when a community health problem arises.

Because of , I have knowledge for be good health.

Community health problems can be categorized in several different ways. Human to human infections and health problems related to the environment are a couple of examples.

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Public health protects the health of everyone, and community health protects the health of everyone in a particular community

Louis D. Brown has written: 'Mental health self-help' -- subject(s): Community mental health services, Community Mental Health Services, Self-help groups, Program Evaluation, Evaluation, Self-Help Groups, Self-care, Health, Self Care

Maybe to help foster a healthy environment so the community [the residents,people] can maintain a stable health antoinette acosta

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Go to your Local Red Cross center and tell them that you want to volunteer to help fight the health problems in your community and they will either sign you up with them or have you go to a place that you can assist with.

You need to seek home health help through your local human development office to get help sorting out paperwork and making phone calls when you have a mental health problem.

health is wealth. the individual of a community suppose to be the root of the community at large

Community health nurses take a proactive role in community health education. These nurses provide and distribute information to the community about health related issues.

Go to a therapist. Tell her or him what the problem is & see if they can help you.

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Public health protects the health of everyone, and community health protects the health of everyone in a particular community.

A lack of health resources becomes a negative influence on community health.

Community Health Systems's population is 90,000.

Community Health Systems was created in 1985.

It is important to be knowlegeable of the different health care delivery system in your community so as to be able to avail of the health services offered for you and your family. Your knowledge of this will help you to know more about what is free for you to avail in terms of health and where you can get them.

The Alberta Community Mental Health Clinic is catered to people with mental illness. Patients there will get support, psychiatric treatment and help with resources such as housing and employment.

We all know that community diseases starts with overpopulation. It can spread the flu and if you have an open wound you can get things like small pox or chicken pox

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