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Any flame or electric spark will trigger this explosive reaction!


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Yes indeed you can combine oxygen and hydrogen chemically to form water, simply by burning hydrogen in oxygen or air - two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen to form H2O - (although strictly speaking, in the context of chemistry, the water so produced would not necessarily be a "mixture").

A compound is formed. For example, Hydrogen and Oxygen chemically combine to form Water "H2O"

A lot of stuff, including hydrogen to make water

They do combine to form the COMPOUND called water. It's not a mixture it's a chemical compound.

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, water is a product of the reaction.

hydrogen + oxygen = HO, hydroxide: hydrogen + oxygen + oxygen = H20, water

No. If you simply mix hydrogen and oxygen you just have a mixture of H2 and O2 gasses that remain chemically distinct from one another. If you ignite the mixture the hydrogen and oxygen will combine to make water molecules.

You can get water from hydrogen if you combine the hydrogen with oxygen atoms.

No. Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, and carbon dioxide is carbon and oxygen. Neither contains calcium.

No. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to make water.

When elements combine chemically compounds are formed. For instance, when hydrogen and oxygen gases chemically combine, water is formed. Note that if a molecule is made up of only one element, it is referred to as an element, not a compound.

When you combine one Oxygen and one Hydrogen you get Hydroxide. If you combine one Oxygen with two hydrogens you will end up with water.

Two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form water.

Almost any element can be in a molecule. Carbon and hydrogen can chemically combine to form hundreds, if not thousands, of different hydrocarbons like methane, propane, and butane. Hydrogen and oxygen can combine to form water and hydrogen peroxide. Carbon and oxygen can combine to form carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

The Water is the Product. The Hydrogen and Oxygen are the Reactants.

The compound oxygen and hydrogen can combine explosively to form water.

In the water molecule hydrogen and oxygen are chemically bonded.

long story short you change it chemically so that the oxygen molecules attach or combine with a different element so that the remainder is a lonely hydrogen molecule.

Oxygen is chemically active because it reacts with other chemicals such as hydrogen to form water.

Either water (H2O) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are formed as a result of the chemical bonding, however hydrogen peroxide requires a more complex process to be created than water.

Because the hydrogen and oxygen are already chemically combined.

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