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always stick to him find out what he likes to do give affection constantly

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How to be a better girlfriend?

Well if you want to be a better girlfriend,you must be an honest girlfriend,an open girlfriend,and a respectful girlfriend.

If a boy already has a girlfriend but he's likes you better?

If he likes you better, then why does he even have a girlfriend?

Who is the girlfriend of Elmo magalona?

Elmo Has No Girlfriend :) He's Single! :) BETTER YET, HE HAS NO GIRLFRIEND SINCE BIRTH..:))

How do you come out to your girlfriend?

wat do you mean come out to your girlfriend? can you explan it better to me please?

How do you get your crush to break up with his girlfriend?

Get to know him better and ask uf he truley likes his gf and if you'd like a better girlfriend

Talking to my girlfriend?

need a better question

Who is alex wolff's real girlfriend and it better not you?


How do you get a girlfriend at age 13?

get to know her better

Which is better wife or girl friend?

a wife is much better when you have a girlfriend you don't necessarily own her she is just a girlfriend but when she is your wife you own her and whatever she has you can tell her what to do.

Your girlfriend is going to be at this party and your ex will to what should you do?

find some place better to be and try and take your girlfriend with you

What do you do if you like a guy that has a girlfriend?

You try to get his attenion. try to make him feel like you are better than his girlfriend.

How can i pleasure my girlfriend better?

try asking them what she wants you to do to/for her.

How to be a better girlfriend to your boyfriend?

Don't be too clingy.

How do you select better bra for your girlfriend?

ask her to buy it

How do you not be jealous of your lesbian friends girlfriend?

Think of all of the bad things about the girlfriend and find yourself one who is better!

Is it okay to photoshop pictures of your girlfriend so that she looks better?


What are some tips to be a better boyfriend to your girlfriend?

Just Listen

Who is girlfriend?

Girlfriend is possibly your best friend. they're better than any friend of the same sex, Cause they just are.

What if your girlfriend is a bad kisser what do you do?

Try & show her how to get better, practice alot.

Does haroon khan boxer have a girlfriend?

He would know it

What is a good bet between boyfriend and girlfriend?

Who's the better kisser.

How can you be a better girlfriend to your boyfriend?

by putting yourself as seconde most important

What do you do when you like someone but don't know if he has a girlfriend?

Ask him, get to know him better!

Do you call your girlfriend babe or baby?

both, but baby sounds better

What do you do if your ex-girlfriend dumps you?

GET OVER IT!!!! You will be better off that way