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You didn't say what your problem was, but I live my life this way .... I took Cognitive Therapy and it's a great tool to learn how to see the positive in ANY problem and run with it. Instead of seeing the down-side of everything you find some good in it and work with it. Another answer would just be shaking it off with a nice big smile and probably you should actually tell us the situation. Cause we don't actually know what the heck is going on out there in NZ also try playing WoW (World of Warcraft) it'll be sure to cheer' you up!


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There are an unlimited number of bad situations in the world. A bad situation is one that makes you feel bad or incompetent in any way.

well if your losing blood in any situation its bad

If you're buying her lunch then of course she'll feel bad. She's using your money to buy something for her, so I would feel bad if I were in her situation

To pity someone is to feel so bad about the situation they are in. To sympathize with someone, is like pity, but only to the extent that you actually know how they feel, they are in a similar situation to what you are in, or were in

Pity is a type of emotion. When you feel pity, you feel bad for someone or something, because its situation is less fortunate than your own.

Mainly, you have to feel relax! This is the important way!!

Living in the Neverland, well the situation does not directly affect him.

This entire situation was mea culpa, so don't feel bad for blaming it on me.

well date his best friend and make him fell bad by kissing him

do you mean you don't feel well and sweat all the time, or you feel self conscious about the situation?

Well put it this way. Do you want to be put in a bad situation where people can hate you? And then you can come depressed. But I guess it depends on the situation you are in... Why are you trying to get revenge? My best advice is to not lower yourself to their level.

well it depends on how you feel about the situation and if you are not liking it you need to tlak to him

well, clearly yeah.. but after that you'll realize you don't need him & you'll find someone better.. but you shouldn't feel bad if YOU broke up with him because well it was your decision.. hope i helped :)

Abusers are bad. Period. It is common for someone who has been abused to feel lonely when the abuser becomes absent, but it is because of the stress of change. If you feel yourself running back to your abuser, get help. The situation will only escalate otherwise.

If you ask her to stop or tell her that you are not interested in her in a nice or reasonable manner, it is not your fault if her feelings are hurt. We choose how we feel about a situation, no one makes us feel bad, we choose to feel bad.

Touch is to feel the situation and go is what u cant feel the reaction. In other words absconding from the situation after you touch.

is it good or bad do you mean? its good that you arent nervous then again it is okay if you are too. its really just depending on the situation or the relationship you have with him.

There is no need to feel bad, it happens to everyone. I have been in the exact same situation, all you need to do is think about your friends feelings, and also your own. If you like someone, pluck up the courage, and tell your friend how you feel about the whole situation whilst being considerate too. I hope my advice works.

Sympathy - you feel bad for the other person although you can't completely feel how they are feeling. ie/ you feel bad because someone's parent died. Empathy - You feel bad for someone but you know pretty much exactally how they feel because you yourself has going through the same thing or a similar situation. ie/ I know how you must feel because my parent died last year. I can empathise with that person. Compassion - Caring overall for someone's situation even though you don't feel sorry for them yet you can't know exactally how they feel but you care about them anyway. ie/ having compassion for the homeless.

well, what happen to him, and why does he feel bad? --Rayquaza80 be more espesific, please you can kiss him on the cheek or on the lips

no i am very sad.. and i feel like crap.!!! Eileen I was doing well, but now I kind of feel bad for Eileen. Eidllaew

she feels alot of pressure about the whole situation, her and her mrs.prince of the whales had a very bad devioce witch made her miserable.

If you have a situation where you were able to change someone's life and how did that make you feel?

They will feel the same itching and irritation you will, some will have bad reactions as well.

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