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You find "good stocks" by having trading rules. AND FOLLOWING those rules.=Seems simple enough. However, many traders and investors have very little knowledge about what they should do and how to go about doing it. Threy think merely because a stock is:==A] mentioned on a TV program,==B] on the radio,==C] in the local paper,==D] they get a piece of mail about a stock==and/or==E] a friend, co-worker or relative tells them about it,==that stock HAS TO BE a great stock.==NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.==I'm going to share with you some of my trading rules. I can tell you 70+ members of our trading groups can't be wrong. We follow our own sets of trading rules. Whether or not you'll use them is another matter. I'll also include some trading sayings. My family invested A WHOLE LOT of money and time to discover the following:==A] "On Wall Street there aren't any gifts." No one gives anyone else anything - not even stock tips. B] BUlls [BUyers] earn money. BEars [SEllers] earn money. Pigs get fat. Hogs [Greedy Traders] get slaughtered. They lose the money in their trading accounts. C] Here's what no one in our trading groups won't do: 1] We WILL NOT trade "cheap" [inexpensive] stocks. We will not trade .BB [dot BB, .OB [dot OB], which is the Bulletin Board], .PK [dot PK], which is the Pink Sheet] O-T-C [Over-the-Counter]. The above stock categories/classifications are far too risky and volatile. 2] We WILL NOT trade any stock which trades less than $26.51 per share. We do not want to be part of any "pity party". 3] We WILL NOT trade any stock which has less than 400,000 shares/volume per day. Volume less than this makes the stock too risky and volatile for the retail trader. Those traders having more money can trade stocks with less volume. 4] We WILL NOT trade any IPOs [Initial Public Offerings]. These stocks do not have any history to follow. They are far too risky. 5] We WILL NOT trade any stock with less than 18 months of trading history. 6] We WILL NOT trade against the trend. 7a] We WILL NOT trade any stock between the price of $45.01 to $55.51 - up OR down. Stocks in this range are known as "the doldrums" - they have a tendency to get stuck and not move. 7b] We WILL NOT trade any stock from $73.01 to $76.51 another "doldrums range". 7c] We WILL NOT trade any stock from $94.01 to $106.51 - another "doldrums range". D1] When we do our research, we check the following: The Earnings Announcement Date. This happens 4 times each year, about every 3 months. Different stocks have different EADs. D2] We check for stock splits. D3] We check the sector and the industry. We check for the trend in that stock's sector. D4] We ALWAYS check the news for each stock we are interested in making our investment in. F] When ALL the criteria and rules are met, Plan your trade. THEN trade your plan. When you know the proper strategies, know how to use them AND you follow your rules, you can earn money when the stock goes up. You can earn money when the stock goes down, You can earn money when the stock goes sideways.==USUALLY numbers in the Stock Market are expressed in percentages and in dollars and cents. EXAMPLE: ABC is currently at $27.50 per share. You did your investigating and research. This stock passed ALL your rules. You have your entry at $27.78 or 1% to prove the stock's trend. Your target is $30.56 or 10% IF the trade should go against you and you lose money, you will get out of the trade at $25.56 or 8%. This is so you can trade another day. As a foot note: We DO NOT put any more than 15% of our total trading account balance in any one trade. If our balance is $10,000 we do not put any more than $1,500 into any single trade. Our entry is $27.78. We can buy 50 shares of ABC. For some reason or another, brokers and others like rounded off numbers of shares.==As you are doing research about the investments you are interested in, sometimes you'll come across a financial or investment term you never heard before.. You can usually find excellent, easy-to-understand definitions of many financial and investment terms by going to an on-line investment dictionary.==It probably won't be long when you'll feel you're ready to invest your hard-earned money. Before taking that step, you really should do research about what you are investing in. There are sites with free, paper trading platforms. You can set up a virtual account and almost trade as though you were trading with real money.==Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY,==Ron Berue==Yes, that is my real last name!==SOURCES: My wonderful family! My wonderful coaches and mentors! THE TWO [2] ABSOLUTE BEST, MOST wonderful trading groups in the world, which I am most proud to be a member of! Trading stocks and options more than 2 years. "THE University of Hard Knocks".=

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Where are most stocks in the us trade?

You can find most stocks in the us trade right here

Where to find if stocks certificate is good?

call investors relations of the company

Where can you find new wooden stocks for a Remington 870 20gauge shotgun?

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Which websites have information about how to make money in stocks?

If one is a beginner at buying stocks, a good website to look at is Beginners Invest. There is also Stock Investing For Dummies for those who need a step by step guide on how to invest in stocks.

Can stocks be traded globally?

A Stock can be traded only in the exchange in which it is listed. there are stocks that are listed in multiple exchanges. Those stocks can be traded in those exchanges. But stocks bought in one exchange cannot be sold in the other.

What are some good stock trading books for beginners?

There are many good stock trading books for beginners or those who do not know much about stocks or the stock market. The best book for beginners would be Stocks for Dummies.

How do you find my indland steel stocks?

the last price of indland steel stocks

Is there a good course that teaches how to pick penny stocks?


Where can advice be found for good stocks to invest in?

Advice can be found for good stocks to invest in on E-insure. This company specializes giving information about stocks, which to buy and which to sell at what time.

Where can one find information on the NASDAQ penny stocks?

You can find information on NASDAQ penny stocks online at the All Penny Stocks website. Once on the page, hover over "Hot Penny Stocks" in the left navigation menu and click on "Hot NASDAQ Penny Stocks."

Where can I find free report for small cap stocks and penny stocks?

The Small Cap Stock Report is a great free service for small cap stocks, micro cap stocks and penny stocks.

Where can one find CBS stocks?

The CBS stocks can be found on their website. Also there are various places to find stocks for all things, this will also include a stock for the CBS brand and station.

How do you find out if you own any stocks?

if you are a pubilicly held company you are if your not than you don't have stocks

Can I start investing in stocks and where can I find more good information?

Anyone can invest in stocks. There are multiple websites designed just so people can buy and sell stocks. I do recommend that before anyone justs starts buying and selling that they consult with a financial planner.

Where can one find Canada Stocks online?

When one is looking to find various Canada Stocks online, there are many different online sites available for trade of such stocks. Such sites as cityindex and schwab.

Why is it good to buy stocks?

because then you essentially are a part owner of whatever company you bought stocks from.

Where can you find stocks in Bank of America?

The Bank of America website is easy to find. By visiting there you will clearly find all the information you need to know about stocks in Bank of America.

Why are stocks high risk?

At the moment they are as stocks are volatile as the price is increasing and decreasing. however, long term wise most stocks are good investments

Where can I find ready made logos?

99 or logo my are just some of those where you can find a ready made logo. They always have pile of stocks of different logos that will fit your need.

Which stocks are currently good investments?

There are a few different stocks that are currently good investments, as of May 2013. Google is currently a very good stock to buy, as well as Microsoft.

Which stocks in Canada are the most profitable?

Information on profitable stocks, such as those in Canada, can be found on the webpage TMX or Bloomberg. Stocks such as Schroder might be considered, but get advice from a financial expert before investing.

Where do you find the pennystocks on ETRADE?

You look up the over-the-counter stocks the same way you do exchange-traded stocks: by their symbol. If you want some Akzo Nobel stock (a very good company BTW) search for AKZOY.

What is a good stock?

Apple, AT&T, and Verizon wireless are good stocks.

How can I avoid losing money in stocks?

The biggest tip is to avoid high risk stocks. With your situation you'll want to only get money from those stocks which don't show much rapid rises or falls.

What are some good penny stocks?

Penny stocks are generally pretty volatile and very hit or miss. You generally just pick one that you have a good feeling about and hope that it hits big. I would suggest using a small cap rating system that tells you the most fundamentally sound small cap stocks (not quite penny stocks, but not 100$ per share either). Companies like will do this and help you find the best websites.