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Contact your local USCIS office.

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Several people forged my passport and are traveling overseas how can I stop them overseas

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Someone with UK passport?

Someone with UK passport

Where can you report if the person is fraud and falsification of public documents from INS?

Both the FBI and ICE have public '800' phone numbers where you can report such illegal activity.

If your B1B2 visa was stolen how can you get a copy of it?

Your B1/B2 visa is stamped into your passport. If it is no longer there, that means someone has torn out a page from your passport, or has stolen your passport. You need to report this to the US embassy, and to local authorities. You will be issued a new passport, then you can return to the embassy to have a new visa stamped.

Can you sue someone for falsification of signature?

The offense of falsifying somone else's signature is FORGERY, and you can report the offense to the police and they may be prosecuted. If you suffered any 'loss' because of the forgery you could then sue them in civil court for damages.

Your passport is missing and it is going to expire in feb can you apply for fresh passport?

Yes you can. But you need to inform the passport agency in the country that issued the passport to report it stolen or missing.

How do you report someone on WolfQuest?

you can go to google and type in wolfquest report and report someone

How do you renew a Barbados passport?

can someone other than myself renew my passport

Is it okay if cousin will get your passport?

NO, it is illegal anywhere for someone else to use your passport

How do you find a person with their passport number?

A passport number might not be the best way to find someone. The numbering on every passport is unique but it isn't really a basis to track someone with.

What rhymes with passport?

~Passport~ (airport, abort, report, assort, exhort, escort, sort, snort, short, comport, consort)

What is falsification of documents?

Falsification of Documents is to change details on the original document and try to pass them off as real.

What is synonym for forgery?


Falsification of public documents legal?

The falsification of the public documents is illegal. If found you will be arrested and taken to a court of law.

What is the punishment for falsification of public documents in the Philippines?

The punishment for falsification of public documents in the Philippines is 10 years behind the bars.

Can you locate someone by their passport number?

No, but the government can.

I lost my passport. i want the passport number now?

I would recommed you to first report a lost passport. Following website has list of countries and under them are procedures which can help you out. Website :

How do you report someone slandering someone else on Facebook?

find a "report abuse" button

Is it illegal for someone to keep your passport?

my husband has locked me out of the marital home, he refuses to give me my passport. what shall i do.

How do you report someone using their personal account to sale their products?

Report Abuse>Enternamehere>Advertising how do you report someone advertising on

How do you get a copy of police report filled by someone else?

Can I get a copy of someone else's police report

What is the process for one to get a passport?

Someone looking to get a passport would have to follow many rules, depending on if it's a persons first passport and if they are a minor. Someone would have to apply in person, fill out the form, prove identity and have a photo taken.

Can someone who is retired countersign a passport application?

When a passport application is filled out there is no countersigned needed by the government. You fill the form out, get a passport photo, and pay the filing fee.

If someone enters in India without passport and live in India without passport what crime he has done under which section of Indian passport act?

Illegal immigration

Can someone come to US with expired passport?

Not legally.

How do you find out if someone has obtained passport?

Send them a subpoena