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If you haven't talked about sex, it's kind of late doing it now. Visit a library and ask for a book about explaining sex to kids. Lay it on a table and when they pick it up you can talk - or - talk to each child separately, and ask them if they have any questions about sex or pregnancy. Tell them you are here to answer any questions. Most teens will say that they have no questions. That's because they have already found out everything from their friends. By the time they are teens they've already heard about oral, anal and regular sex.

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Q: How can i talk to my teens about sex and all that gos with it?
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What teens like to talk about?

sex, partying, drinking,

Does the male sex drive lower between the teens and 20's?

Answer Normally not. Men in their late teens and well into their thirties can have sex on a whim. Not all men have high sex drives and this is normal but if you feel that for some reason you are having a problem, why not go and see a professional and talk to that person about how you feel. Good luck

What is a teenager scared to talk about to their parents?

Teens are hesitant to talk about sex to their parent....well it depends on the parent, but most of the time we rather not ask.

Why is Sex Education important for teens to know about?

It teaches students about safe sex and how it all works.

How do you tell a good sex story?

you get so horny that your faces gos or funny

Is sex okay for teens?

== ==

What can make it difficult for adults to talk with teens about relationship and issues related to sex?

maybe it makes THEM uncomfortable, too. if its your parents, maybe they dont want to think you're old enough or serious enough to have sex. That's a big step, after all.

What do teens do in malls and their rooms?

in their rooms they have sex

What do teens have to say about teen sexuality?

two thirds of teens who have had sex wish they had waited

Is sex appropriate for teenagers?

yes sex is good for teens it is a new experience for them

Should condoms be given to teens?

no, teens shouldn't be having sex Anwser: Teens are going to do it anyway. So yes.

Which is better for you sex or no sex?

Unless you have a medical condition that makes sex dangerous for you, then sex is better for you. In adults, sex is shown to improve quality of life as well as overall health, especially for men. In adults with certain health conditions (such as heart disease) and younger teens, you should talk to your doctor before having sex.

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