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If you haven't talked about sex, it's kind of late doing it now. Visit a library and ask for a book about explaining sex to kids. Lay it on a table and when they pick it up you can talk - or - talk to each child separately, and ask them if they have any questions about sex or pregnancy. Tell them you are here to answer any questions. Most teens will say that they have no questions. That's because they have already found out everything from their friends. By the time they are teens they've already heard about oral, anal and regular sex.

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Does the male sex drive lower between the teens and 20's?

Answer Normally not. Men in their late teens and well into their thirties can have sex on a whim. Not all men have high sex drives and this is normal but if you feel that for some reason you are having a problem, why not go and see a professional and talk to that person about how you feel. Good luck

What is a teenager scared to talk about to their parents?

Teens are hesitant to talk about sex to their parent....well it depends on the parent, but most of the time we rather not ask.

Why is Sex Education important for teens to know about?

It teaches students about safe sex and how it all works.

How do you tell a good sex story?

you get so horny that your faces gos or funny

What can make it difficult for adults to talk with teens about relationship and issues related to sex?

maybe it makes THEM uncomfortable, too. if its your parents, maybe they dont want to think you're old enough or serious enough to have sex. That's a big step, after all.

Is sex okay for teens?

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What is the PSA announcement after each episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager?

The first time to many teens have the sex talk with their parents, is when telling them that they are pregnant. Parents, if the teens have a sex queston with their parents, don't assume they are doing it. And teens, if your parents aren't talking to you about sex, don't assume they don't care. Teenage pregnancy is 100% preventable. Start talking. For more information, please visit, or

What do teens have to say about teen sexuality?

two thirds of teens who have had sex wish they had waited

What should teens not do?

Teens should not do drugs to forget about problems. They should talk about their problems with someone they trust. Also teen girls should not have sex with out thinking about their future. If a teen decides to have sex and gets pregnet she and the father should take responsibility to take care of the baby. Their are many things teens shouldn't do but the most important one in my opinon is that teens shouldn't drink and drive because it can injure or kill not only the teen but also many other people. Y is it always girls shouldn't have sex why not guys to?

What do teens do in malls and their rooms?

in their rooms they have sex

Why does teenage pregnancy exist?

'cause teens have sex

When does teen pregnancy happens?

When teens have unprotected sex

Why do teens get pregnant at young ages?

cause they have sex

Why is teen pregnancy caused?

it is caused when to teens have sex

How are teens taught to being pregnant?

People are doing just fine following their instinct and always have. they also talk among their friends so that is why proper sex education is important to kill all the myths and make them realize how quickly it can happen.

What horror movies are suitable for young teens?

I think teenagers are not suitable for watching horror movies!

What is a good topic to talk about with your Boyfriend that is 18?

depending on how old you are talk about.. sports, cars, your relationship, things that you like to do, or things that you guys what to do together.. if you are asking a relationship isn't always about sex or talking about sex and when your boyfriend is 18 that isn't all they want to talk about they care more about you then about sex.

How do you talk to your children about sex?

It all depends on how mature the child is. But you should say that it is life risking and that many people have sex abuse.

What was the Production Budget for Let's Talk About Sex?

The Production Budget for Let's Talk About Sex was $300,000.

How do counselors inform teens about sex?

Counselors might refer you to someone or give you pamphlets about sex and the consequences that comes with having sex.

Why does your boyfriend talk about sex all of the time and not anything else?

He has 1 thing on his mind.

Can lack of discipline be a cause for Teenage pregnancy?

No, teens getting pregnant comes from all walks of life. Lack of sex education and more open relationships with the parents to talk about it and help getting birth control and for them to accept their teen is in a relationship is usually the cause.

Can teens on sims 2 woohoo?

nope but here is how you can make them: I downloaded the Inteeminator. Just google it. Its actually worth it. I like it a lot. It also lets teens screw with adults not just other teens. And Teens can get pregnant. All sex is risky, meaning even if you dont do "try for baby" you could get pregnant unless you are on the birthcontroll Anyway it explains it all on the site. I love it.

What do teens like to read about?

Drugs, love, death, abuse.wrong, about the opposite sex is what teens like to read and learn about.

What are some positive choices that teens can make?

One choice teens can make is that to not have sex when they aren't married, and then when they get pregnant, have abortion!