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How can i tell if im gay or not?

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Act gay and maybe she'll call you gay!

Just tell your mom that her suspicions are wrong and that if you were gay you would tell her that because you don't think there is anything wrong with it.

im sorry to tell you but he is gay

Just tell her. I am sure she will then belive you ;) xx Get back to me and tell me how it went!! :)

Hey im gay guys! My boyfriend is coming over!

mostly you wouldnt, im not gay myself, i have a boyfriend, but have a few gay and lesbian friends. they tell me just to go for it. who cares, ask em out!! :)

yell at the top of your lungs "im homosexual

his lyrics to his new song is below im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay i cant do anything

Simpley tell family first and then closest friends

tell her how you really feel and if it doesnt work forget it

im gay and i dont know how to tell my wife

ask him or tell him how you feel. you won't be satisfied if you won't know how he feels. ask him if he has some feelings for you.

You are able to tell if you are bi-sexual or gay/lesbian if you find the same gender as yourself attractive (gay/lesbian). If you are bi-sexual then you will find both genders, male and female attractive. <3

Im gay & im proud of it.

Yes you should. He won't know what you think of him unless you tell him.

if your gay you like the diffrent sex. i feel you feel sexually attracted to women when your arround them this will be a sign of you being gay. also if you get arroused over naked woman your deffintaley gay.

If you think she needs to know, you just tell her. Of course she will tell everyone else, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing as long as you are ready for it.

You know that your gay when you kiss a man have any sexual relationship or really like a guy. im gay & im proud of it.

say, hey mum i am a homosexual, like it or leave it, then walk away

Just simply tell him that you are not gay.

lol define young. im about to be 19 and im gay.......

you can do it by using a cheat but im not the one who will tell you the cheat. just search gta the ballad of gay tony cheats then it may show you.

im gay for you baby im gay for you baby

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