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Q: How can improper disposal cause health problems?
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What are the causes of improper garbage disposal?

Improper garbage disposal can cause harmful effects on animal life. Improper garbage disposal can also cause air pollution and pollution of soil.

Diseases cause by improper sewage disposal?


What is the Cause of improper disposal?

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Effect of improper garbage disposal?

The main effect of improper garbage disposal is that it will cause pollution. This will in turn affect the environment in a severe manner.

What do you mean by improper disposal of human excreta sewage?

Improper disposal of human excreta sewage means not to care about the human wastes which can cause harm to anybody in any way.It include improper destroying of sanitory wastes.

What is the cause of improper disposal and uncollected garbage?

In my area the cause is usually the garbage guys going on strike for one reason or another.

Can termites cause health problems?

Can terminate health problems

What is disposal garbage?

it can cause a polution in our area.And it can affect the health of people.

What is disposal garbage causes?

it can cause a polution in our area.And it can affect the health of people.

What is the most likely cause of an improper shutdown or system lockup?

Hardware Problems

Is lifestyle the leading cause of health problems today?

Yes, Lifestyle is the leading cause of the health problems that humans have nowadays.

Can hiccup cause a health problem?

intractable hiccups, which are hiccups that last months, can cause health problems and may be a sign of serious health problems.

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