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Any stress, including bullying, may cause health problems.

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Q: Does bullying cause health poroblems
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Number one cause of suicide?

bullying bullying bullying

Dimensions of health and development that bullying affects?

Bullying effects the mental health the most It can also effect the social health

What is the cause of bullying?

There really isn't a cause its more of a Action. Bullying can start out by

Problems cause in social network?

Bullying and cyber bullying.

Do friends cause bullying?


What do experts say about bullying?

Bullying is not a good thing it can cause lot's of trubbel

How does bullying affect a persons mental health?

Bullying can affect a persons health because they can choose to stop eating or harm them selves in many diff-rent ways

What harm can result from bullying?

its come to life threating health problems

Where can one learn more about bullying awareness?

Bullying awareness has become a key issue for many. Schools have started teaching bullying awareness. Many television personalities have also taken up the cause. There is information available from local counselling and mental health associations as well as from local governments and libraries. Searching the web can be a very helpful source of information on bullying as well.

Can physical stress cause anorexia?

Bullying, mainly.

Does Facebook cause bullying?

Yes! BIGTIME! People do cyber bullying and sometimes that leads to real life physical bullying. There's Alot of arguing on Facebook everywhere.

Is bullying cause by insecurity?

Bullying can be caused by many things. Here are some examples: Insecurity, Sadness, Madness, Rudeness, or they have been bullying and take their feelings on others.

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