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In order to become a breast implant surgeon, one would need to attend college to earn your PhD and specialize in plastic surgery. Then one would need to become board certified in order to practice as a breast implant surgeon.


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One can breast feed after a previous history of breast augmentation (breast implant.) However, there has been studies showing that lactation insufficiency (difficulty breast feeding) may result after the placement of a breast implant. This is dependent on the type of incision your plastic surgeon uses.

If someone is concerned about their breast implant and wants them removed then they would probably be do best to go back to the surgeon who put them in. If that surgeon is not available then checking directories for cosmetic surgeons in the area is the next best thing.

You may notice a loss of volume in one breast. If you think your implants maybe leaking then contact your Plastic Surgeon without delay. You will need an urgent scan to see what is going on.

You can find pictures of breast implants on surgeons websites such as MyBreast, Transforminglives etc. You could also go to a real surgeon to have a up front look at it yourself.

There are two different kinds of breast implants that one can purchase. The first kind is a saline breast implant, which are filled with salt water that is sterile of course. The second kind is a silicone filled breast implant, this implant is filled with a gel instead of liquid.

One might need breast implant removal if the implant is damaged somehow or if it becomes painful. Some individuals may just decide to remove them for aesthetic reasons.

There are four techniques that are used in breast augmentation. One is where the implant is placed in the breast on the bottom where the breast meets the chest. The next is where the implant is placed in the breast by an incision under the armpit. Another all but removes the nipple of the breast to insert the implant, and with the last the implant is inserted into an incision near the belly button of the patient and slid up the body to be moved into place in the breast.

One can view breast implant pics to know what to prepare for on the website of the Mayo Clinic. The website has a 'before and after' pics section dedicated to breast implants.

It is thought that she has but no one is for sure

There is no such implant method known as "Perfect Breast". However, it is essential that the patient chooses a reputable surgeon and has a full and thorough consultation with them prior to surgery, in order to achieve the desired look,

It is impossible to tell specifically without knowing several factors. The profile of the breast implant can make a significant difference, as well as your decision to go over or under the muscle. Each woman's body is unique so a 500cc breast implant can affect each woman differently.As a general rule 500cc would increase your bra size by approximately two and one-half cup sizes. One of the best ways to see if 500cc is right for you is to try on breast implant sizers. These new breast implant sizing systems come with various implant sizes so you can try them on in the privacy of your own home. You might try 450cc, 500cc, and 550cc to see which one is right for you.The advantage of trying out various breast implant sizes around 500cc, of course, is to increase the probability that you will be satisfied with your breast implant size choice after the breast implants have been placed.

Down time is an overnight in the Hospital. At least one week of taking it heavy lifting. Wear a sports bra for one month and follow the Instructions of your surgeon.

For a person to become a surgeon one must obtain a bachelors degree and then apply to medical school. Through medical school one specializes in a specialty. To be a surgeon more specialty training to required post medical school.

The size of a breast implant given in cc is the size of a single implant, not the size of two implants added together.

One cannot predict whether you'll be able to breast feed whether you have a breast implant or not. However, certain incisions used by your plastic surgeon may affect your ability to breast feed. A study conducted at Texas Children's hospital revealed that using the periareolar incision is most likely to affect one's ability to breast feed.

Although each case is unique to the patient, on average breast implants need to be replaced or 'worked on' every 10 years. The placement of the implant, the manner of insertion and the type of implant can vary the need to replace the implant. Scar tissue forming on the implant and then causing a rippling effect on the breasts is common along with hardening of the implant. One of the exceptions to this rule is when an implant is simply inferior and defects early by rupture or leaks.

If one is interested in becoming a reconstructive surgeon, he or she will be required to attend a four year university, then attend medical school and earn their doctorate. After this, one may then apply to become a reconstructive surgeon.

This is a vital question for anyone undergoing breast augmentation surgery and is something can only be determined in discussion between the patient and the surgeon. It's not possible to be guided very well by the experience of others because the same size implant may look completely different on one person than it does on another. The surgeon will usually recommend an implant size based on what specific outcome the patient requires, what size and shape of breasts the patient already has and how various implants will look when superimposed on that patient's body.

Breast implant surfaces are rounded or customized into various shapes, textured or smooth, sizes range from about 120 cc to 850 cc. But you should discuss it first with your doctor the reasons for desiring breast implants before choosing one type or size over another.

Rippling of the implant which can be felt on the skin, visible flatness....on one more than the other....if it indeed it did deflate, within hours you will see a major difference on the size of the breast...i would suggest to call your plastic surgeon ASAP for a see what the problem is.

One can visit the Forum section of the Just Breast Implants website. Here people both before and after breast augmentation or breast implant surgery can discuss every aspect of it.

Dr Kodeih is one of the best, he has natural results.

Breast implant information can be found in an infinite amount of places online. For a more personal review, visiting blogs site may help. For more professional information, wedmd and implant info are extremely helpful resources.

A breast implant of 410cc would equate to a size increase of possibly 2 but more likely 3 cup sizes. It's only possible to give an approximate because a lot depends on the width of the breast and the degree of stretch in the breast tissues, but for most women starting with an A cup a 410cc implant would make them a D cup.One of the best methods to determine if 410cc is right for you is through the use of breast implant sizers. Today there are systems that allow you try on various breast implant sizes at home. You might want to try 350cc, 400cc, and 450cc for example.Tester breast implants are usually involved in your breast augmentation consultation. It can be fun to try on these implant sizers help you get a visual glance as to what you might look like with breast implants. In your breast augmentation consultation appointment you will have a brief time to try on a variety of different breast implant sizes. It is too bad your time will be rather limited during the consultation. Does a D cup or C cup look better on you?Doctors offices are very busy so the sizing session is usually brief. Of course, wouldn't it be great to try out various breast implant sizes in a wide variety of clothing? Maybe wear them for a weekend, or even over a few weeks to get accustomed to the look and feel of various breast implant sizes? Thankfully there are breast implant sizing systems that you can buy online to try out in the privacy of your own home. Wear the breast sizing system in as many situations as you can to get a good perspective.

A single dental implant can become quite costly compared to a one-tooth bridge. With the dental implant, you are required to have surgery to do the actual implant of the post. With the bridge, all you need is an x-ray.

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