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A beneficial loan is when an employee receives an interest-free (or low interest) loan from his employer as a benefit to having worked there and proven his loyalty to the company. Since this is a company 'perk', it isn't available at every workplace, and the interest rates vary greatly. The beneficial loans are usually used to purchase company shares, not for buying a new luxury vehicle. Again, if one wishes to receive one of these beneficial loans, it is up to the discretion of their employer.
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Trade between nations can be mutually beneficial if one country has?

This is kind of true: supposedly trade should be mutually beneficial if one country has a competative advantage. This means the country can produce a product with a lower cost than the other country. Therefore, one country benefits by being able to trade and the other country benefits by cheaply obt ( Full Answer )

How does one get a payday loan?

Payday lenders are quite similar in the process that borrowers undertake in order to get a loan. The generic process is summarized as follows: (physical store) * Provide identity, employment and checking information to store associate * With the basic information, the company will try to ap ( Full Answer )

What is a parent plus loan and why would it be beneficial to you?

A parent PLUS loan is a college loan that is taken out by the parents of the student attending school. The interest rates are typically lower than can be found for other types of loans. These loans are available when financial need exceeds the amount of personal loans and scholarships that the stude ( Full Answer )

What are payday loans and is it beneficial?

Payday loans are high interest loans offered as a short term solution to get people by when between paydays. They are relatively easy to get and can be processed extremely quick, sometimes while you wait. But are payday loans beneficial? It depends. If fast access to cash in advance is important to ( Full Answer )

How does one obtain an sba loan?

To get a SBA loan you will need to find a lender that is a participating lender. Once that is done, you need to fill out the application and provide all requested documents.

When would bridging loans be beneficial to a corporation?

Bridge loans would not be useful to a business or corporation because they are made for individuals to buy homes. They are so if you own a home and are selling it you can buy a new home before you sell it.

How does one get an instant loan online?

A person gets an instant loan online by going to an instant loan website and filling out the form. Instant loan sites are much quicker then going to a loan shop, and will give you a loan regardless of your credit.

Where can one get a Christmas loan?

You can get a Christmas loan from any of your regular financial institutions. Many of them will offer a special rate for Christmas, which helps you pay it back easier.

Where can one apply for a doorstep loan?

You can apply for a doorstep loan in any local loan office. It has been practiced for quite some time and you may even be able to find one in the phonebook.

Are wachovia student loans beneficial?

"To start, let me say that all student loans are beneficial as they are allowing someone to obtain an education. Wachovis Loans are beneficial as they provide support throughout the loan process. With a cosignor, applicants may also qualify for lower interest rates."

How does one qualify for Natwest Loans?

NatWest loans can be applied for at your local branch. In order to qualify you must be 18 years old or more, show proof of steady income, have a good credit history, and have an active account with NatWest.

What is one type of fast loan?

One type of fast loan is the cash advance loan. Commonly known as payday loans, these loans are usually for small amounts which the borrower expects to pay in full by their next payday.

Where can one get fast loans with no guarantee?

There are many places that offer loans upfront as requested. They can often be found locally in ones home town, such as a Payday Advance, or they can be found online, at places like CashNetUSA.

How does one obtain a horse loan?

Never having heard of a horse loan, and assuming it's a loan to buy a horse, it would probably have the same requirements as acquiring any other loan, identification, proof of income or employment, and a good credit score.

How can one apply for instant loans?

One can apply for instant loans in person,by phone or online at the website of the financial institution of choice. Many people are qualified for instant loans. The only drawback is high interest on the loan.

Where can one apply for an online loan?

There are many places to apply for an online loan. The best place to look is directly through the bank or other financial institutions website. This will let someone talk directly with a loan officer.

Where can one get online loan approval?

There are many places one can get online loan approvals. Some of these places are quickenloans, amone, and paydayloansapprove. Of course, it also depends on what kind of loan you need, as there are different sites for different kinds of loans.

Where can one find a brokers loan?

Brokers loans are usually applied for at any bank. They are loans granted to a broker or a brokerage firm. Many other financial institutions are also available to offer this service. But banks, are most commonly approached for these type of loans.

How does one become a loan broker?

You need a working, solid knowledge of how loans and credit cards work to begin with after that learn the state laws around loans and credit cards, then create a business office (not around your dining room table) and do not forget most of the details you will be gaining will be credit card numbers ( Full Answer )

Where can one obtain a instant loan?

One can obtain an instant loan at several places. Factors for obtaining an instant loan depend on the type of loan needed. individuals can obtain an instant loan from a bank or any other company that specializes in instant loans.

Where can one get loans when unemployed?

There are various different ways to get a loan while unemployed. Some of them can be recommended but others are not really a good option. Asking friends or family for loans, borrowing against life or home insurance, loan with a co-signers, car title loans and pawnbrokers among others.

How does one get a mortgage home loan?

The first step to applying for a mortgage is to find all the documentation that you will need. Tax documents, W-2's, paystubs and insurance information will be needed. Next you might contact your financial institution of choice or utilize an online company such as Lending Tree to find the right lend ( Full Answer )

Where can one get an instant loan online?

There are some websites that provide instant loans. If one is looking for a short-term loan, they could try Instaloans. For a larger amount of money, one could apply online at Citifinanial and be approved in minutes. Once approve, they can pick up their cheque at the nearest branch.

Where could one get a guaranteed loan?

There are a few different kinds of guaranteed loans and therefore it is difficult to provide a clear answer. One type is like a Payday Loan, and can be obtained at places such as Money Mart and Cash Depot.

Where can one get secured business loans?

Most commercial banks like Wells Fargo provides secured business loans. Eligibility for a secured business loan varies and not all businesses may be eligible if they have a bad credit rating.

Where can one get information on loans for college?

You can get information on loans and grants for college by speaking to the financial aid department of the college you are planning to attend. The government also offers financial aid and grant information. A lot of banks also offer private student loans. These are not regulated the same way as gove ( Full Answer )

Where can one compare loan quotes?

A great place to start comparing loan quotes in your bank or lender. You can speak with them in person or go online and visit the website. Some can provide you with a loan comparison calculator which should make the process much easier.

Where can one get a secured homeowner loan?

A secured homeowner loan basically lets you borrow against the equity you already have in your home. If you are in need of this type of product you should check with your mortgage company first.

What does a PLUS loan enable one to do?

The Federal Direct Plus loan is one of the low interest loans that enables students and parents to receive funds directly from The U.S. Department of Education to pay for education after high school.

Where can one apply for a loan online?

You can apply online for a loan at Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and Lending Club. You will need to have available when you are applying, your Social Security Number, Drivers License Number, Yearly Income and Monthly Mortgage or Rent Payment Amount to fill out the application.

How can one get a personnel loan from CitiFinancial?

In order to get a personal loan from CitiFinancial, it is recommended that one speaks to a local CitiFinancial agent. One should first do some research to make sure they are getting what they want.

How can one apply for an online loan?

It is very simple nowadays to apply for an online loan. Simply, pick whichever loan company you want to take a loan from, and follow their instructions on their site. However, please be careful and make sure you read all of the small print, as taking out an online loan is the easiest way to become v ( Full Answer )

How can one get a home equity loan?

The best way in order to get an equity loan is by using a home equity loan calculator in order to evaluate the different options. Most large financial institutions like for example "Chase" or "Bank of America" offer such online calculators.

Where can one get a commercial mortgage loan?

Getting a commercial mortgage loan is similar to other types of loans. Most of the bigger banks, like Citibank, and some credit unions offer commercial mortgage loans.

How can one get a home loan from Chase?

The first thing one must do to get a home loan from Chase is to contact a Chase mortgage banker. He will be able to assist in finding the right home loan for one's home.

Where can one get classic car loans?

Capital One and Cars Direct both offer classic car loans on a case by case basis. Depending on your past financial history and whether or not you've gone through a bankruptcy are huge deciding factors.

How does one get a loan for debt consolidation?

There are a number of ways to do this.Firstly you can approach your own bank. They will have an advisor who can talk you through the options available. They may also have a preferential rate for existing customers.Alternatively there are a number of financial institutions who specialise in consolida ( Full Answer )

How does one go about consolidating their loans?

One goes about consolidating their loans by putting all loans into the lowest interest paying source. For example if one is paying 19% on their credit cards, they may reduce the amount by taking a loan out to pay it off, then have a 5% interest rate instead.

Where can one get information on a motorcycle loan?

When shopping for a motorcycle, knowing where to find good information on available loans can make a huge difference in the buying experience. While many large insurance companies can be a good starting point, looking into dealer loans or manufacturer loans (just like with cars) is probably the most ( Full Answer )

In what ways would loans be beneficial to a college student?

Loans can be beneficial to a college student to help ease the burden of the costs of post-secondary education. They can be used to help pay for living expenses, class fees, and books. They do need to be paid back in the end, though, and can cause some large debts.

Where can one get a home loan remortgaged?

A very common place to get a home loan remortgaged is at your local bank or credit union. Financial institutions can get you more competitive rates with more reasonable terms.