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Go onto: Type in "Improving early education in Trinnidad" After you have looked through the sites and got your information do the same thing again only put in "Tobago" Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-24 20:04:36
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Q: How can one improve child care and early education in Trinidad and Tobago?
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Where was Nicki Minaj raised?

She is originally from Trinidad & Tobago, and her family moved to Queens, New York when she was a child.

Where was Nicki minajs raised?

She is originally from Trinidad & Tobago, and her family moved to Queens, New York when she was a child.

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Nicki Minaj is Trinidadian-American. She is from Trinidad & Tobago and her family moved to Queens, New York when she was a child.

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Why did Montessori believe that educating the senses was an important part of a child's education?

Because it helps improve their learning

What was the goal of the no child left behind act?

to improve education by tying federal funding to schools' success

What are the benefits of girl child education?

Gender has nothing to do with education. All people have the right to an education and to learn as much as they can so they can improve their lives and skills. In reality females have an high IQ than men.

What will happen if a child didn't have proper education?

The child will not improve in his/her life. All of people need to have a proper education because without it, it is impossible to achieve success in the workforce.

What is Girl child education?

girl child education simply means the offering formal education to the girls.

Is every child entitled to an education in Georgia?

every child is entitled to an education EVERYWHERE!

The importances basic design in child education?

importances of basic design in child education

What are the side effects of children who receive a sub-standard education?

"Children who don't get a good education will have a harder time in the future. Without proper teaching, the child's grades will suffer all the way through high school. If the situation doesn't improve, the child may not be able to go to college."

Can child support be obtainined for a child who is now 9 living in Trinidad with her mother from her father who is a citizen of the US?


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Yes, in fact Niki Manaj was born in Trinidad and raised as a child in New York.

What is a child's role in education?

what is childs role in education

Pictures of Trinidad harry's water park?

Price for a child price for adult

Is education deductible for your child?

No. You get a deduction for your child, not for supporting them

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Historically, child laborers never received formal education. Even today in countries that allow child labor, the children receive no or minimal education.

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My child is more into drinkin and drugin rather than education. Regards D.Ginty

When was Nagoya City College of Child Education created?

Nagoya City College of Child Education was created in 1953.

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You can improve the health of a child by making sure the child eats their fruits and vegetables. It is good to drink a lot of milk and water. Also make sure the child stays fit by exercising or being active.

How is education an inequality in the world?

Education is an inequality in the world because in most cases access to quality education directly correlates to the economic level of the area in which the child lives - a child in a poor country will most likely receive poor education, and a child in an affluent will most likely receive quality education.

Can a child with disability join a boot camp?

Yes boot camp for kids is strictly recommended even they possess disabilities as they will be given proper education and all advocacy skills to improve.

What is the definition of girl child education?

In the western world, very similar to boy child education. In some other countries education of girls is discouraged or even forbidden.