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The Roman numeral for the number 600 is DC (D = 500 and C = 100, so DC essentially means 500 +100).

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1.5 = IS in Roman numerals because 1= I and 0.5 = S

There are many different ways one might write the numbers '608.' If one desires to write the numbers '608' in Roman numerals, one would write 'DCVIII.'

The year 2012 in Roman numerals would be written as MMXII. The RapidTables website has a converter that can be used to convert standard numbers in to Roman numerals.

The number one is I in roman numerals.

Here are some examples. MCM - 1900, MCMLVI - 1956, MCML - 1950, MCMXXIX - 1929. They follow the same sequence as any other Roman numerals. They are correctly known as Roman numerals and not Roman numbers. People use both phrases, but Roman numerals is the correct term. Roman numerals is one surviving example of Latin. An odd feature of the Roman numerals is that they do not use a zero.

You must be from Oklahoma and searching for the answer to a clue.

1 lac can be written as ,in Roman numerals it can be written as :100000 in roman numeral =C.

You use only one letter to write the Roman Numeral "3". That's the letter "I", as three is III.

One hundred and ninety two in Hindu Arabic numerals would be 192 and in Roman numerals it would be CXCII

One hundred and three in roman numerals is: CIII

"n" is not one of the symbols used in traditional Roman numerals.

_ M Is 1,000,000 in Roman numerals. The bar over the letter means it is times 1000. M is 1000 1000 X 1000 = 1,000,000

MIImproved answer:The above answer represents 1,001 in Roman numerals but 1,000,001 in Roman numerals is:(M)I or MI but with a line above the numeral M to indicate multiplication by a thousand.Numerals in brackets also indicate multiplication by a thousand.

I is one, V is five, X is ten, so XXX is thirty....

It is: one thousand six hundred and twenty five = 1625 and in Roman numerals MDCXXV

111- CXI 111 is CXI in roman numerals because C represents 100 in roman numerals, X represents 10 in roman numerals and I represents one in roman numerals. Because of this, XI is 11 in roman numerals; so this will be the correct answer.

If you mean conversion into Roman numerals it is as follows:-((DC))M(DCLXXI)CXXXXI = 6,000,671,141Numerals in single brackets indicate multiplication by a thousand, numerals in double brackets indicate multiplication by ten thousand and superscript numerals indicate multiplication by that particular numeral.Hence:-((DC))M = 10,000*600*1,000 = 6,000,000,000(DCLXXI) = 1,000*671 = 671,000CXXXXI = 141Roman numerals: M=1000, D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5 and I=1QED

12000 in roman numerals is (XII), which is 12 x 1000. Parentheses are used to denote Roman numerals times one thousand.

A V with a line over it represents 5,000. 6000 would be: _ VM

One way to write 312 is by spelling it: Three hundred and twelveAnother way would be to write it in roman numerals: CCCXII

The roman numerals can be only helpful when you learn about quadrants in the 7th grade. That's only one reason that roman numerals are helpful in math.

This is not a roman numeral.

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