Plastics and Polymers

How can polymers be used in optical materials?


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Over short distances. Glasses work better over long distances.

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1) Plastic (Polymer) Optical Fiber is used to transmit signals down a flexible, plastic material. 2) Polycarbonate coatings are used on optical discs to prevent scratching the underlying surface that has the actual pits and lands.

Types Of Materials:1.Ceramics 2.Composites3.Concrete4.Electronic / Optical5.Metals6.Polymers/ Plastics7.Wood

Synthetic polymers are cheaper than natural polymers. Natural polymers are also less plentiful.

Smaller molecules called 'monomers' are used to form bigger moleculs called polymers.

Powder coating is commonly used on metals to give a smooth finish. The materials used in it include thermoplastic or thermoset polymers.

Applications of polymers include medicine, agribusiness, and agriculture. Consumer science, sports, and industry are other applications of polymers. Polymers applications range from electronic devices to optical devices.

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Plastic Optics manufactures plastic optical fiber. The plastic optical fiber is made of PMMA, also known as acrylic, and fluorinated polymers. It is used for Ethernet.

While plastics are used as a common example of polymers, there are many other materials which are also polymers. Polymers include:anything plasticproteins, such as hair, nails, tortoise shellcellulose in paper and treesDNAsilly puttyrubber

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photoconductive polymers are materials that change their electrical conductivity when subject to light (infra red- visible - ultraviolet - gamma). They are mainly used in photocopiers and holography.

Synthetic polymers are also known as man-made materials. Frequently these materials include plastics, polystyrene, nylon, rubbers, etc...

Polymers are used all around, plastics and rubber are polymers.

synthetic polymers play a vital role in our life. for eg., the materials used in day-today life like buckets, switches,dresses etc

The so called "plastic materials" are polymeric materials.

medicines, electronic components, composite materials in aircraft and polymers

Virtually all synthetic polymers are used in industry.

Materials is the sub branch of polymers.

Now the ball is from synthetic polymers.

-Polymers -Composites -Metals -Ceramics

The most common materials used in making signs (10 percent of the total materials consumed) were polymers and plastics (including vinyl), followed by fabricated metal/metal products and paper/paperboard products.

Polymers are made from monomers and there are many of them. They include olefins such as ethylene, propylene, octene etc and their halogenated analogues. There are many other raw materials that polymers are made from.

Type your answer here... polymers are used today because they are fun

they are used everyday in many items such as bags or components of electronics like the outside part of it

polymermaterials are pvc < nylon perspex carbon fibre

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