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How can roller coasters be improved?


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make them longer, faster, scarier...


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well a good sand blasting and a paint job improves the conditions of roller coasters around the U.S.A. but the paint has to be specially ordered from the companies that own the coasters.

The noun 'roller coaster' has no standard collective noun since most roller coasters are not in a group. However, a collective noun is an informal part of language. Any noun the fits the situation can function as a collective noun; for example, a scream of roller coasters, a maze of roller coasters, a park of roller coasters, a tour of roller coasters, etc.

The fear of roller coasters is called updownaphobia.

Actually, you can breath on roller coasters.

Holiday World has 3 wooden roller coasters and a steel roller coaster for kids. So four roller coasters.

Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most roller coasters/lawn ornaments (roller coasters that are standing but not operating). But Ceadar Point has the most operating roller coasters.

Roller coasters have a Restraint System.

Want to get over your fear of roller coasters? Get on it!

Yes, there are roller coasters at Wisconsin Dells.

There is 4 roller coasters. Aftershock, Timber Terror, Tremors and the Corkscrew. Which all of the roller coasters are awesome!!!!!!!

roller coasters are scary because they are full of Adrenalin, and G's. coasters are a must for thrill seeker's.

A website I always go to for my info on roller coasters is

California has the most roller coasters with 78.

Well roller coasters can range from $10,000 to 2.5 millions dollars.

Roller coasters are designed by mechanical engineers, not scientists.

they made the roller coasters have more distance and thrill

Most roller coasters start with a chain or powered launch.

Cedar Point currently has 16 roller coasters making it tied with Canada's Wonderland for the second-most roller coasters in the world.

It depends on the theme park. Some theme parks have no roller coasters or very few roller coasters and other theme parks like Cedar Point or Six Flags have over 10 roller coasters.

Yes. Roller coasters are getting much more faster and lot stronger than before. Every single day roller coasters are getting upgraded to make it even more terrifying. In every year, roller coasters are getting a lot scarier and way much more terrifying and it could be possible for roller coasters to get stuck up there but roller coasters still can get down once it was

Roller coasters rely on the forces of inertia and gravity to gain velocity.

no, cats can't ride roller coasters

Roller coasters are made of either steel or wood, somtimes both.

Yes there is a whole category on WikiAnswers that has questions on roller coasters.

roller coasters smell like oil and metal or wood or what they are made out of.

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