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i heard that eating white bread (you can get at the store) will go to your hips and you might get a curvy waistline. and to have a flat stomach you should do certain excercises like sit-ups. =]

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Q: How can someone get a curvy waistline and a flat stomach?
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What is a flat stomach?

When someone says they have a flat stomach or want a flat stomach, it means that they want or have a stomach with little or no fat on it.'s self-explanitory. A flat stomach is a flat stomach. ;)

Can you get a flat stomach in 12 days?

No you can not get a flat stomach in 12 days. Getting a flat stomach requires lots of exercise and hard work.

What type of exercise to make your stomach flat?

Crunches, running, and swimming help to make your stomach flat.

How can a 15 year old boy get a flat stomach?

Exercise, especially stomach exercises, together with eating a healthy diet is a way to get a flat stomach.

What are steps for you to having a flat stomach?

to have a flat stomach you have to eat lots and lots of fibers, and you have to excercise your stoumach mucles, you can do that with sit ups

How do you get a flat stomach and thin hips?

By running and getting more exercise. This is probably the quickest way. I tried it and I have a super flat stomach.

Can almond oil flat stomach?

Almond oil is good for erasing scars on your body and scars from childbirth. It will not help you have a flat stomach.

Is it possible to get a flat stomach in one week by exercising?

That depends on how flat your stomach already is. If it is really flabby its going to take a lot more than a week to get a really flat stomach. If your tummy is already reasonably flat, then it might be possible to get it flat in a week. However, you are going to have to be doing a lot of working out.

What exercise do you have to do to get an extremely flat stomach?

There is no specific exercise that you have to do to get an extremely flat stomach, The path to a flat stomach lies in doing circuit training, which incorporates strength training and cardiovascular exercises to burn fat from all over the body.

Can push ups give you a flat stomach?


Can you get a flat stomach from doing push ups?


What should you do if you want to have a flat stomach?

work out

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