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There are a few ways a person can receive emails through a fax machine. The best way to do this is for the email to be forwarded to the fax machine so it is automatic.

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Q: How can someone receive emails through their fax machine?
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Disadvantage of fax machine?

A fax machine is difficult because you can not send and receive emails on it. As well, you cannot fax over the Internet, only through a phone line.

How can someone receive emails from a gmail account through MS Outlook?

To receive emails from a gmail account through MS Outlook, you will need to setup MS outlook with your gmail account as your email account. This can be done under options in MS outlook.

Does it cost to receive emails?

No. It is free to receive and send emails. (answer by pop5).

How does a fax machine send emails?

Fax machine cannot send emails, but fax machine can received emails in a form of fax files via internet faxing.

How can you receive your emails?

Emails are Received towards the top as sended

Is it easier to do regular Email or fax Email?

Is fairly easy to do regular email and fax emails. Fax emails is a little more complex. It requires a program to sent and receive faxes through emails.

What does inbox mean?

In-box me is a shortened way of telling someone to email you. You receive new emails in you in-box. Silly but true.

Can i receive emails through Bluetooth on a Blackberry 8130 In a location where there is no cell service but there is internet?

You can get emails if you connect to a computer with bluetooth and Wi-fi connections. And have your computer and phone setup to use the Internet through bluetooth connection.

How can you pick a winner from emails you receive in outlook?

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When are emails used?

Emails are used when someone needs to get a message to someone else over the computer.

In what ways can someone access their GroupWise email account?

There are many ways someone can access their GroupWise email account. They can use the web interface, they can configure email programs such as Outlook to receive emails, and they can also program it to automatically forward emails to another account.

How can you reduce risks when opening emails?

Simple, if you receive an email from someone you dont know, or a service you never requested dont open it and delete it :)

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