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How can start the car which had immobilizer system after lost of the key?


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If the key is lost for a car which has a immobilizer system in place, you will need to contact the dealership. Most car keys have microchips in place to prevent auto theft. The car dealership will be able to order a new key to start the car.

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NO if the immobilizer is not seen, the car it won't start! the immobilizer is integrated into the security system of the car,if it doesn't past the test it won't stsrt.once in a while it will start,but you should take it to the dealer and get it fixed,make sure that you get any software updates, research it if you can, you have to keep in mind the hierarchy of how the brain boxes works.the engine management system sees that immobilizer failed, it turns off power supply to the starter,fuel pump and ign. system. depending upon what kind of car manufacture you have more things can be turned off

Yes you can bypass the immobilizer by keying in your current PIN followed by "C1C" on the keypad. This will allow you to start the car after unlocking with immobilizer and you only have 1 minute to start the car. To revert back to manual entry, just key in "C0C".

The immobilizer is the system that prevents your car from being stolen by including a computer chip in the ignition key. The car will start without this chip but will cease running in a few seconds. Your Subaru dealer is the only one I know of that has equipment to reprogram this system. If it was easily reset there wouldn't be much value to it.

The key may not be programmed to the car or the antenna ring on the ignition cylinder may be defective. If the car will not start after repeated attempts you will have to have it towed to a dealer and they will have to repair or reprogram the key or antenna ring. The immobilizer system in the car will not allow it to be started otherwise.

You need to start the car and then disconnect the immobilizer while its running, if its the same as mine the buttons for the immobilizer will be beneath the ashtray? The plastic thing that the buttons are on lifts up and you can disconnect it from underneath by removing the plug. If your having problems with the code for the immobilizer try disconnecting the battery then re connecting it and it should reset the immobilizer code to either 0000 or 1111, start the car then disconnect the immobilizer as above.

open the bonnet, look at the cables that go to the battery disconnect the cables running to the immobilizer pull the immobilizer out with all the cables.

Without knowing your exact brand of car, this is a difficult question to answer. The first thought I have would be that your vehicle has an immobilizer, in which case you will need to take the immobilizer off before you can start the vehicle. If it's not the case that you have an immobilizer on your vehicle, I would suggest you refer to the owner's manual for your car, or contact a dealership.

car wont start, alarm making noises, what to do

i had the same problem and it turned out to be my immobilizer had stopped the car from starting

If your car has security system with engine immobilizer, no you can't.

Basically, it makes the car impossible to start if the EWS (the computer) does not detect the proper key in the ignition switch.

what is the problems car wont start hi if it will not rotates it is the starter motor if it rotates but will not run then it is the immobillizer

It means the "Immobilizer" or "anti theft system" is activated

If the immobilizer was your problem the car will start and die within a second or two. You cannot disarm the immobilizer, There is chip in the key and an antenna around your ignition switch. Disarming the immoblizer is ZIP tieing a key to your steering column so the car thinks the right key is always there. Then your neighborhood thief can shove a screwdriver in your ignition and the car will start.You have a different problem going on. Like a bad igntion switch.SourceVolkswagen Mechanic 21 years

immobilizer , this will go off after 3 seconds if immobilizer is used before turning the ignition otherwise it will flash and the car wont start

Your car lost power while you were driving and it will not start now because the battery is depleted.

You do this by locking the car with the remote, leave it a few seconds then re-open and start the car after the red light has gone out on your dash.


I want to know the signal that immobilizer send to stop the car engine

if you disconnect one of the battery terminals and turn the key in the ignition then reconnect the battery terminal with the ignition still turned on this should disable the immobilizer and the car should start.

To reset the electric immobilizer you must put the key into the ignition and slowly turn it. You should see the lights in the car start to turn on. It does not work if you turn the key too fast.

go to your local stereo shop and ask for the immobilizer bypass kit and instructions for connect to your specific vehicle probably an IM04 or IM06 have the flash it with the latest bios, install this and then you can use any cut key for the ignition(such as a valet key)

it depends on the what system you are talking about and the car it is going in, you have the car alarm system, remote start system, alarm system, and car stereo system, and every car is different

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