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How can the anti-theft alarm on a 1999 VW Golf be disabled while you are working on it?

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Try disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery.

You can remove the fuse in the fuse block however don't forget to put it back in or the car won't start good luck

2015-07-15 21:17:30
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Q: How can the anti-theft alarm on a 1999 VW Golf be disabled while you are working on it?
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How to Disable a 1993 Honda Civic Alarm?

The alarm in a 1993 Honda Civic can be disabled using the program mode. To enable the program mode pull the key in the on position while pressing lock on the remote. Do this three times in five seconds and program mode will become enabled.

Can you bypass the security system on a 1993 Honda accord so the car will start?

yes depending on what kind of alarm, if it factory then hold the high beams on while turning the ignition with a key or /screwdriver, if you wanna disable the factory alarm then unscrew the turnsignal,, remove the turnsignal,, then hold a screwdriver on the 2 connectors,, the car will flash and the alarm has been disabled,, or blown

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How do you stop the alarm of 1998 VW Jetta GLX from going off while driving?

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Do this by using your key in the driver's door lock. While alarm is tooting your horn, simply proceed as if you were unlocking/locking your door. Do this by using your key in the driver's door lock. While alarm is tooting your horn, simply proceed as if you were unlocking/locking your door.

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