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it has a sonic jet pack

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Q: How can the tooth fairy visit all the children in a night?
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How many children does the tooth fairy visit per night?

Sorry, there are far too many to count, only the chief tooth fairy keeps a record.

How did the tooth fairy get popular?

By coming visit the children in the night time of exchange of the child tooth to a gold coins under her pillow.

When does the tooth fairy visit you?

After you lose a tooth

What do santa Claus Easter bunny and tooth fairy have in common?

some don't believe, children, bring gifts, visit at night, kids love them, special occasions

Is there a tooth fairy in Italy?

Tooth fairies are wherever you want them to be. Tell your mum or dad that you want the tooth fairy to come and visit you when your tooth comes out. They know how the fairy knows when to come.

Should I leave broken tooth in the gym?

Best to throw it away or keep it. Don't leave it there.HumourTry ptting it under your pillow. You never know the tooth fairy might visit!

Where can one get fancy tooth fairy letters?

One can download many different templates for fancy tooth fairy letters from the internet and personalize them for the child. You might visit a site like Tooth Fairy Tonight for templates, messages and ideas that can be used. Stores such as Michael's and A.C. Moore will carry fancy paper that can be purchased if you would prefer to make your own template that can be passed down through the family for generations as well.

Who is one mortal in A Midsummer's Night Dream who is doted upon by a fairy?


When does st nick visit German children?

Saint Nicholas visits German children the night before Chirstmas.

Do real fairies have children?

Yes fairies can have children but it is a very rare occasion. This is because since fairys visit earth so much they tend to fall in love with mortals. The child is half-fairy when born but can still become a full fairy

Where would you visit if you had a crooked tooth?

you would visit an orthodontist

Can tooth paste stop a sore tooth?

No,it can't you have to visit dentist.

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