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Q: How can you Substitute white baking chocolate for white chocolate chips?
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What are white vanilla baking chips?

its just white chocolate chips

Why do cookies have chocolate chips?

You usually use chocolate chips to sweeten the cookies and add chocolate taste. However, you can use white chocolate chips or any brand "chips" at the baking section @ your store.

Is vanilla a white substitute for chocolate?

White chocolate is a white substitute for chocolate.

Can you substitute white chips for chocolate chips?

Yes, I do it all the time because people in my family are allergic to chocolate. Came out great, give it a try!

Can you substitute white chocolate bark for white chocolate chips?

The texture and flavor of the white chocolate will be different, but it can work. If you are chunking it up into cookies, or something along those lines, it will not mess up the recipe.

Are chocolate chips good?

Yes they are really good. There are many different kinds like dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or even mint chocolate chips!!

Can white chocolate chips be substitued for white chocolate?

Often they usually can, yes.

Why are your chocolate chips white?

Your Chocolate Chips are white because they were probably left out and they are now molding which is caused by being irresponsible! did you ever hear about freezing chocolate? ;/

People who are good at baking How do I make a vanilla AND white chocolate cake which tastes good?

I think you should put a few drops of vanilla essence into normal cake mixture and then add white chocolate chips.

If the recipe calls for melted chocolate chips for dipping can you use white chocolate chips instead?


Can you use white chips in pumpkin cookies?

If you mean white chocolate chips then yes, if you mean actual chips, i wouldnt suggest that.

Can you substitute white chocolate chip for vanilla chips?

It won't taste the same, but it won't cause what you're making to go bad, so I guess you could.

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