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How can you apply for Indian CDC?

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i can apply for indian CDC on internet or there is any forms on on line to apply for indian CDC

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Can you apply online for renewal of Indian CDC?

You can apply online for renewal of Indian cdc by visiting the state level passport bureau to fill out all the necessary paperwork and forms first and foremost.

Application for Indian CDC?

reneval of cdc form b

How can apply for Indian CDC?

Try in MMDA mumbai,or shipping corporation office, or do a 6 month course with cdc in any D.G approved maritime center or call 8976331878 i can sujjest u.

How many months before expiry is the Indian CDC to be renewed?

How many months before expairy is indian cdc to be renewed

Is there any possibilities for instrumentation engineer in merchant navy?

according to dg shipping officials in c.s.t they say you can apply for Indian cdc only if your degree contains word "electrical" or "electronics".So in case of plain "instrumentation" degree or "instrumentation and control" degree we cannot apply for Indian CDC hence no merchant navy with just this degree alone.

What is the price of Indian CDC?

marchant navy

How do you apply CDC?

u didnt ans my ouestion

What to do if you lost your Indian CDC?

You have to report to the nearest port and they will issue a new CDC after paying 1000 INR.

What is the link to the latest 2011 indian CDC renewal form?

renewal of cdc new formB-2011

How do you apply for Indian money from blackfoot Indian tribe?

I would like to apply for Indian money from Blackfoot Indian tribe. How do I apply?

How do you check status of Indian CDC online?

As of now (1st Oct 2012) there is no way to find out the status of an Indian CDC online, the only way is to file a RTI in written at the appropriate MMD.

How do you apply for Indian grant money from white earth Indian reservation MN?

how do I apply for Indian grant money from blackfoot Indian tribe

Iam Indian married to Pakistani Muslim can my husband apply Indian nationality?

if any of your spouse, parents is an Indian then you can apply for Indian citizenship....and if your child is born in India you can be an Indian citizen

How much time it takes to renew Indian CDC?

it take 79 years and 4 months. :)

How can apply raw Indian intelligence agency?

how can apply intelligence agency

How do you apply for Indian money from the Cherokee Indian tribe?

How do I apply for Indian money? I no my great grandmother was at least 3/4 Cherokee. She lived in Oklahoma back in 1940s

Which documents are required for Indian CDC renewal?

To Renew Indian CDC, following docs to be sent along with Form B (latest copy) to Mumbai Shipping office. 1. CDC 2. Passport 3. PSSR 4. PST 5. First Aid 6. Fire fighting 7. INDOS 8. COC (If applicable) All above xerox copy to be dult attested.

How do Indian student apply for foreign scholarship of oxford?

interested Indian student apply these types of scholarship by getting information through websites

How do you join Indian army as a doctor?

You can join Indian Army as a doctor. For this you must apply for it.

In government what does CDC stand for?

CDC Center for Disease Control hence CDC

How can i get Job as a merchant navy ordinary seaman in Nordic American Tanker Shipping with a thai CDC with no experience?

Dude is that even a Question, firstly your an indian with a thai cdc and secondly you dont have any experience. how do you expect people to hire you.

Is Panama CoC accepted by the Indian government?

No, you can have the rank cdc on the behalf of a Panama CoC nor the COE that means a Panama CoC holder candidate cannot sail on a Indian flag vessel.

How do you apply Mehndi tattoos?

a special Indian ink neddle

Can a Indian air force deserter apply for a government job?

Indian Air Force deserter can never apply for a govt job.. till he is punished as per IAF laws by courtmartial...

Who does CDC report to?

No-one. It is autonomous.Check out their mandates at cdc dot com