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Generally, you can't. Each network card has it's own unique physical MAC address imprinted on it by the manufacturer (kind of like a fingerprint or Social Security number). Although, many types of ethernet cards available today support changing the MAC address assigned to the card. The address is how a network device recognizes 'your' machine. When you log-on, a DHCP server assigns your MAC an IP address. It's not going to assign 2 IP's to the same MAC address (though on many OSs you can do this yourself).

You can, however, assign a 'static' (unchanging) IP to your machine. I suppose you could change between two IP's. Static IP's are normally for businesses that own their own server (and the IP ranges assigned to it). Your normal ISP won't allow you static IPs without a formal request.

you can however have two cards with the same ip

you can assign two ip addresses to a single interface in a Linux OS, no idea of Win 98 though.


[As mentioned above, multiple IP addresses may be assigned to a single interface in a Unix or Linux operating system (I have machines with a dozen or more IP addresses assigned to a single physical network interface), however I'm not sure such "virtual or aliased interfaces" can be created in Windows 98.

This is useful on Linux machine so that each different "virtual" IP address can be assigned a unique DNS name and accessed by that DNS name, even though, in reality, the client machine is actually just talking to the same server that is hosting dozens or thousands of other web sites under other domain names. I really don't know anything about Windows whatever, I haven't used a Windows machine since Windows 95 and I very seldom even turned that machine on. Linux worked for me then and it works for me now. *Shrug*

We can not provide the one MAC address to two PC. It is used only for the one PC per IP address.

This is a restriction with Windows98, unless you can find "special" drivers for certain network cards. WindowsXP, as well as Linux, has these facilities built in.

edit:the MAC address is unique to every network device and set at the time of manufacture.

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What is one purpose of using logical addresses in an IP network?

What is one purpose of using logical addresses in an IP network?

What is the potential benefit of using a DHCP server within a network?

The benefit would be to automatically assign network addresses to clients that need them to work on a local area network. Without DHCP you would have to assign each device an address, subnet mask, and default gateway, plus DNS and WINS server addresses, which can be time consuming and error prone. With DHCP, most of those problems disappear.

What filters network traffic using hardware addresses and what directs packets between network segments using network addresses?

bridge filters router directs

Which of the folllowing uses a single public IP address to access the Internet on behalf of all of the hosts on the network that may be using other IP addresses or private IP addresses?

•If the hosts on a network using private IP addresses need to access the Internet, a problem arises because the private IP addresses are not allowed on the Internet. •The solution is to use NAT (Network Address Translation), which uses a single public IP address to access the Internet on behalf of all hosts on the network using other IP addresses.

How do you connect a wireless computer and a wireless printer together without a router?

Yes, you can. You assign for both ip addresses from the same network (manually). And using Add hardware wizard add the printer. It might very tricky to do.

How many hosts can you assign using a subnet mask of

For this mask that is /26 you can have up to 64 ip addresses where there will be 62 valid for host The first ip is taken as Network ID and the last ip as broadcast ip.

What are the three general steps which are necessary for installing a network card and connecting a PC to a network?

Put the NIC in the PC, and install the NIC's drivers. Configure the NIC using Windows, so that it has the appropriate addresses on the network and the correct network protocols. Test the NIC to verify that the PC can access resources on the network.

What are the benefits of using dynamic DNS?

"The main benefit is that if you are on a network, your router will automatically assign an IP address to each network device. That way, if there is a change in the network, you don't need to go to each computer and manually assign a static IP address."

Can you identify the advantages of using network address translation NAT in a network?

Internal addresses are hidden from external networks A company needs fewer registered IP addresses to access the Internet

Why do you sometimes lose a server address when using more than one server?

Try to assign static IP addresses to servers?

Describe the difference between public and private IP addresses If a network is using private IP addresses how can the computers on that network access the Internet?

If a network is using a public IP address, anyone can use it to log on to the network. A private IP address requires a specific password. Only users who have the password can use that connection.

How many IP addresses using one network card?

Depends on the operating system. NT would allow 5 addresses. Linux, unlimited.

What are the consequences of using MAC addresses for routing in network layer routers?

Routers don't use MAC addresses for routing. They use IP address.

What are the different types of network security?

There are about 30 types of network security, described at the related link.These including using firewalls, anti-virus software, encryption, using static IP addresses, using Virtual Private Network, etc.

What are the benefits of using Network Address Translation NAT?

It enhances network security It conserves addresses through application port-level multiplexing

How can you assign two IP addresses on one NIC in such a way that if you enable one then the other one get disabled automatically?

Since you didn't state what operating system you are using, I will offer Windows XP/Vista answers. No. Not with standard software. You can, however, define more than one static IP address (and subnet) for a single NIC. The addresses can be on the same or different network segments depending on what you need. This is most commonly done to allow different services on a single computer to use different IP addresses so they can be easily moved to separate computers when necessary.

If a network includes 50 devices which subnet mask provides enough addresses while not wasting addresses?

If you are using a DHCP server, you are basically safe. It's a good practice to release all ip addresses after certain time especially if you have temporary computer in the network.

What are the two methods used to assign IP addresses?

The two methods are static and dynamic. Static method is set manually using properties of network adapter. Dynamic method requires presence of DHCP server. DHCP server is responsible for providing IP addresses to all properly configured clients. It means that the network adapter will receive IP address automatically from the server instead of being set manually be user.

How to assign two ip addresses to one computer?

In order to do it you have use either two network cards (wireless + LAN, or two LANs, or two wireless cards) or you can use software such as WMWare to create a virtual PC (using setting you can get one more and even more ip addresses for only one existing in real life computer).

What is the advantage of adding networks with a wildcard mask instead of using classful network addresses?

In OSPF, interfaces can be assigned to different areas. Many times, a router will be routing inside of a major network, but different interfaces will belong to different areas. You need the level of control given by wildcard masks to assign different interfaces to their appropriate areas, and not restrict an entire major network to be in one area.

How many host addresses may be assigned when using the network address with a subnet mask of


How many host addresses may be assigned when using the network address with a subnet mas of


How many host addresses may be used using network address and a subnet mask of


What service distributes IP addresses automatically?

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). A network node can request an IP address from a DHCP server using a broadcast frame. The DHCP server may assign an IP address to the node as well as a subnet mask and default gateway.

Uses a single public IP address to access the Internet on behalf of all hosts on the network using other IP addresses?

NAT (network adrress tramslation)