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How can you attach a wireless rooter to your speedtouch330 broadband device?


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Easy fix, bud... Connect your cat5 cable that would normally go to your computer to the wireless router. If your computer isn't wireless yet, you will need another cat5 cable to run from the router to your computer. Just check the back of the router to insure you are plugging the cables into the proper ports.


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Wireless broadband allows you to access the internet from any mobile device. Cellphones and tablet computers are the most popular wireless broadband devices.

There are many benefits of wireless broadband service. One of the best benefits are that you don't have to connect your computer device to a cord to have internet.

There's no definite yes or no answer to this question. It depends on your device, peripherals or accessories, the service provider, and your location.

You often need to find the SSID to hook up a device such a gaming console. To find the SSID number for Cricket wireless broadband, either consult the manual which came with the device or by opening the set up screen for the router.

wireless broadband works via a cable modem and a wireless router, the cable modem receives the internet connection and the wireless router sends out the connection to your wireless device. Wireless broadband technology is powered by the same systems which provide cell phone service. This service uses "packets" of data to transmit information. The packets of data that would normally carry voices or text messages instead carry the other types of data such a email and web pages.

A broadband router is similar to a wireless router, except that it lacks the ability to transmit and receive wireless signals. One example of a broadband router can be seen with early cable modems that allowed Internet access only to devices that were directly plugged into the unit with an Ethernet line. The primary purpose of a broadband router is to intercept traffic from the Internet and transmit relevant information packages to a computer or device for processing.

WUSB54GC Wireless-G is designed to provide wireless connectivity to a single computer.It's a tiny USB device you'd attach to a laptop or desktop

The first step in deploying wireless broadband is to get broadband service to your location. Broadband service is delivered by an ISP--Internet service provider--and can come to your home or place of business in different ways. The phone line is just one of many options today: * via a telephone line (DSL) * via the TV cable * via satellite * via a T-1 or T-3 dedicated circuit * via cellular wireless. Every one of these services will (or can*) terminate in a device that will provide one or more network ports, usually RJ-45 type. The high-speed network is available at that port, into which you can plug a computer, a router, a switch, other networked equipment, or a wireless router. The wireless router will have several network ports into which you can direct-connect networked devices (PCs, printers, VOIP devices, etc.). Plus the wireless router is your wireless access point, capable of communicating Ethernet traffic wirelessly to over a hundred different devices. Each device of course needs a wireless adapter to uphold its end of the communication and must be within range of the wireless router. So we see that it's quite possible to subscribe to a broadband service and supply wireless broadband access at your location without a telephone access point. _______________ * The cellular wireless access-point device usually plugs directly into a computer.

Have you been searching for a way to install a mobile broadband wireless router on your older computer system? You might need to find a driver file that would allow the device to work with the operating system that you are using. Not all routers will work with old systems.

a peripheral device uses this to attach to a computer

A broadband connection is used to connect to the internet using an electronic device.

This device is called a wireless access point.

.... Its a broadband modem that get its signal wirelessly, instead of through your phone or cable line.. Almost all roger connections are of this type, same with bell.

The Verizon website offers a full description of its services and how to get the benefits of its wireless service across additional devices from a single subscription. In general terms, this means linking your laptop to your broadband enabled device.

When setting up a wireless broadband router, a homeowner needs to put it in the best location possible. These devices always have an optimal setting and range in different homes. With that in mind, the device should be placed up as high as possible and to where it covers the most areas of the home as possible. Doing so ensures that coverage for wireless Internet will be available more often than not in the household.

Apple Time Capsule is Apple's wireless backup device.

You will need to obtain a compatible wireless adapter for your wired device.

Best Buy, Google, and Amazon are just a few places you could buy an ASDL router. An ASDL router is a device that combines a wireless router and a broadband modem.

If your using a popular cellular company such as Verizon Wireless or AT&T then yes all you have to do is do a little searching on your phone and you will find it but it depends on your phone or not it its free or not.

An internet line (dial-up / broadband / cable / free wireless), an internet connection device/system (computer + modem / wireless device eg. handphone, PDA), and something to use the internet with (browser eg. Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape / GPS programs / WAP / GPRS browers)

Broadband connections are used to connect to the internet using an electronic device, like computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

A broadband connection is used to connect to the internet using an electronic device, like computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

The first wireless device invented was the wireless telegraph in 1935 by Guglielmo Marconi.

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