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taking her away from someone else she loves isn't a good idea you would seem like the bad person and she may get hurt!!


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Be yourself. Don't try to be someone else.

say to the girl your boyfriend has been cheating on you and after impress her and ask her out simple.

If it is a girl don't tell her you love someone else just tell her you weren't meant to be. If its a boy your talking to, tell him about another girl and try to get him to like her.

If I'm reading this right and she loves you she's obviously already attracted to you in some way

You don't. Why would you want to marry someone that doesn't even love you? Its not worth it!

its probably because she loves someone else or she found out something about her boyfriend she should not have known

That he secretly loves someone else. Deep inside he wants another girl. That girl is named Lola that life's in wiscasset

you would have to say to your wife you want to divorce her and marry the girl you love.

He likes the girl he kisses unless it was an he didn't mean to kiss that girl. or he likes the girl he kisses and lies and says he like someone else

It's pretty simple,don't you see!? Be a better person than the person she loves. Like be something that he's not,in a good way of course!

If you want to understand why a girl is loving someone else, then ask her what she wants and wether she loves you. I'm sorry if this answer is not good as you didnt really make the title very clear. Answerbook

You don't! You wait until that relationship has ended and then you see if you can connect with her.

yes she might still love you if she was falling for someone else exspecially if you were her first love....most loves are hard to forget about even if your falling for someone else.

She can follow her heart and tell the person she is already with that she loves someone else. Then, be with the other person she loves. Sure, it maybe easier said than done, but she's following what her heart wants. Hope that answered your question. :)

You know when a girl is using you when they get closer to you and start talking to someone else...then ditch you.

If a girl loves someone else you might have a hard time getting her to love you. But before you get her to love you, you have to talk to her. You can start a simple conversation with her by asking her a question or giving her a compliment. Ex. Hey have you heard of this band or Hey I like your shirt, it looks cute on you. Then as time goes by you can have longer and more intimate conversations with her. If you spend time with her and connect with her, in time she may fall in love with you and out of love with that someone else.

Very much the same as a girl from anywhere else.

dump him girl! , what kind of man would like someone else when theyre going out with you, find someone who loves you and ONLY you. there are many fish in the sea. and there is a special someone out there for everyone

to get a girl to love YOU who is going out with someone else you have to be a better person than the guy shes going out with or get someone else j stopard

see if she loves u back. if she does, you could possibly talk about getting married (after you date). If not, look for someone else. There's probably a girl in love with you that you will love with time.

well i have been in the same situation and i would build a bridge and get over it

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