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Be yourself. Start trying to hang out with her more.


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You can impress you childhood friend by treating her well.

trying to impress a friend.

That depends on if you are trying to impress them to have a possible relationship or if you are just trying to impress a friend. Basically if you are trying to impress a friend - don't, your friend should like you for you and you shouldn't have to go out of your way to impress them for them to like you. If you like a friend and would like to possibly change that friendship to more than speak with them and tell them how you feel - remember they are your friend and you should be able to talk with them - see how things go from there. Do something they cannot do then teach them how you did it.

Be a good friend, always be there for her, when she and her boyfriend are having their ups and downs, she's want someone to turn to.

Your friend could possibly be jelous of you and feel like you are always better at everything, even if your not trying to be. Maybe your friend is trying to impress you or someone else who may be near when she does this.

Its easy ........ you don't have to if they are really your friend they will like/love you for who you are not for what you do!

They were not your friend in the first place. Or someone told them untrue things about you, or they are trying to impress other people who might not like you.

Instead.....wait unil your friend isn't angry anymore. He or she will be easier to impress when his or her feelings do not make him or her uptight or anything.

well it depends on what she is attractive too

be yourself andif that doesnt work......try a new hairstyle or makeup

Dreams are about the dreamer. Your friend's dreams have nothing to do with the real you. His (subconscious) mind has picked up your image and is using it like an avatar, representing something else. "You" in his dreams might represent "attractive girl" or "friend" or "frustration" or any number of other intangibles.

In all honesty here, you may find a way to "impress" her, but if you are doing it hoping she is going to start to love you, then you are wasting your time and will end up hurting yourself in the long run.If you know she doesn't love you had has no feelings for you in that way, then there is nothing you can do that will make her fall in love with you, she may "love" you, but there is a big difference between loving someone and being "IN" Love with someone.My advice is to be her friend (if the two of you are friends) and move on. You will end up getting hurt in the long run. There is someone out there for you that will love you for who YOU are and not what you have to do to impress them or try to make them love you.

To impress your friends look up the things they like most. You can volunteer make them be part or enjoy at your cost.

You could buy her a nice necklace or some jewellry

You can turn a friend into a lover by proposing them. The proposal should be good enough to impress the other person.

im in that same situation.....except im the guy and shes the one who doesnt love me........its partly because he doesnt feel the same way because you are his best friend. it might also be because he still wants to be best friends and hes got his crosshairs, if you will, on someone else

get closer and friendlyier Be a better friend and impress her, soon she'll start having feelings for u

the only thing you can do is tell her straight up how you feel. its either in or out, but if she's your friend, there's not much you can do.

You can hunt, compete with fellow marksmen, defend yourself, and impress your friend, if that's what they like.

Fictional. Bilbo says this to impress and confuse Smaug.

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