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Be yourself. Start trying to hang out with her more.

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Q: How can you impress agirl who loves someone else but they are having recent fightsim a very close friend of that girl and she says she loves you as a friendbut still says that she loves the guy a lot?
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How to impress a girl who is ur childhood friend?

You can impress you childhood friend by treating her well.

How do you get gifts from a friend?

trying to impress a friend.

How do you impress a friend?

That depends on if you are trying to impress them to have a possible relationship or if you are just trying to impress a friend. Basically if you are trying to impress a friend - don't, your friend should like you for you and you shouldn't have to go out of your way to impress them for them to like you. If you like a friend and would like to possibly change that friendship to more than speak with them and tell them how you feel - remember they are your friend and you should be able to talk with them - see how things go from there. Do something they cannot do then teach them how you did it.

How do you impress my girl friend?

With my manlihood.

How do you impress friend?

You Dont Have Friends

How do you impress a girl who is already committed someone else?

Be a good friend, always be there for her, when she and her boyfriend are having their ups and downs, she's want someone to turn to.

How do you make friend who is a girl but she does not want to be my friend?

You have to impress her and not be an idiot

How can I impress my girl friend?

by giving her flowers

How do you get Willow Smith to be your friend?

meet and impress her (:

How do you impress your boy friend?

be hot and romantic

How I impress my girl friend?

by giving her flowers

How do you impress your best friend?

Its easy ........ you don't have to if they are really your friend they will like/love you for who you are not for what you do!

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